This coming autumn we're very pleased to say that Iain Sime is going to present his 'Bronze to Silver' bridge class again on Thursday mornings at the New Melville BC. This course is unique in terms of the SBU, in that it takes the basic SBU course content, and builds upon it to give people all the necessary tools to raise their game to the next level.     Melville Bridge Academy head David Briggs says "the material really is superb, and a bit of study by those who attend really does repay the effort." Details of dates, cost etc. are attached. The classes will be on Thursday mornings, from 10-30 to 12-30, and they will be held face-to-face in the club (Covid permitting).   Bronze_to_Silver_autumn_2022.pdf

The SBU has published new information about reopening after COVID, this can be seen here: https://www.sbu.org.uk/news/covid-reopening-and-revised-risk-assessment-april-2022

If you're not quite sure how playing on Bridgebase Online works, here are a few tips:

Before you begin!

In order to make sure you are "recognised" as a member of SBU East District on BBO it is essential that you add your BBO ID into your Mempad account.

How do you do that?

  • Sign on to MEMPAD
  • Select "MY CONTACTS" on the tab towards the top your screen
  • Select "EDIT", scroll about two thirds the way down the page, and type your BBO name in the labelled box
  • While you are on this "EDIT" page please check all your other contact details are up to date.

Once you're all registered, here's what to do:

  • No earlier than 2 hours before the start time of the event — LOG ON to BBO using their app or at bridgebase.com — do . . .

These useful documents are available onthe SBU web site.  Please note they'll probably be updated from time to time so keep an eye on them.  https://www.sbu.org.uk/tournaments/playing-online/guidelines-for-players