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If we get more than 20 paying pairs in these events then prizes will be awarded to the N/S and E/W winners

Contact Anne Perkins or Fiona Greenwood for further information.

The  Allan Flitch took place on Saturday 13th February and we had 2 pairs at the top of the leader board who couldnt be separated so the trophy will be shared.
The prize winners are as follows 

1st : Gill  and David Simmons  and Jane and Andrew Carnegie 
Silver : Peter and Heather Braid
B3/4: Jenni and Stewart Morris
B1/2: Murray Forgie and Stewart Simpson

They will all find BBO$ prizes have been placed in their BBO accounts.  Well done to all of them

There will be an EGM of the Scottish Bridge Union on 7th March 2021 at 5pm using Zoom.  There is one motion: The adult membership fee for the season 2021-2022 commencing 1st Sept 2021 be reduced from £10 to £8.  

N.B. Junior membership remains 50% of the adult fee, and there is no change to SBU Direct membership fee (£13).


Proxy vote.docx

As part of the revised Disciplinary Process, a panel of SBU members will be established in order to form Disciplinary Tribunals as and when required. The DT will have either a member with a legal background or have an adviser with such a background. The DT’s responsibilities are to make a recommendation to the SBU on the culpability of the member based on the evidence presented and to decide on what sanction, if any, to recommend to the SBU.  Nominations for this role are being sought.  

Please read this notice.

Friday 5th March & Saturday 6th March.  A red pointed congress, please apply by Friday 26th February.

Congress brochure


38th Berwick-upon-Tweed Bridge Congress - Sunday, 25 April 2021 on Bridge Base Online (BBO).
1pm, 24-boards matchpointed Open Pairs Championship.
5pm, Swiss Teams event with five 5-board matches. Prizes will be awarded along with local master points.
Each event will cost BB$4 per person.
BBO registration online (look for SBU_E_BER). Further details - https://berwickbridgeclub.co.uk/congress

Congratulations to the  winners of ED Swiss Pairs held on 29th November   Derrick Peden and Jim Hay

In 2nd place were  Rani Sinnak and Morag Ridley and in 3rd Colin Macdonald and Grant Harrower 

Silver prize winners - John and Sheila McVey

Bronze 3/4 winners - David Nisbet  Ian Thomson

Bronze 1/2 winners - Elaine Hutt and Norman Yarrow

An enjoyable day with 60 pairs participating.

Congratulations to the overall winners and reigning champions from last year in the face to face (remember that!) tournament - Veronica Guy & Peter Moss.  In 2nd place were Heather & Peter Braid


Silver prize winners were Gill Colston & Fred Milligan

Bronze 3/4 winners were Jane & Andrew Carnegie

Bronze 1/2 winners were Fiona & Steven Hall

An enjoyable evening with 72 pairs participating.

If you're not quite sure how playing on Bridgebase Online works, here are a few tips:

    Before you begin!

    In order to make sure you are "recognised" as a member of SBU East District on BBO it is essential that you add your BBO ID into your Mempad account.

    How do you do that?

    • Sign on to MEMPAD
    • Select "MY CONTACTS" on the tab towards the top your screen
    • Select "EDIT", scroll about two thirds the way down the page, and type your BBO name in the labelled box
    • While you are on this "EDIT" page please check all your other contact details are up to date.

    Once you're all registered, here's what to do:

    • No earlier than 2 hours before the start time of the event — LOG ON to BBO using their app or at bridgebase.com — do . . .

    The land of Oz has featured in books and films, but not until Alex Adamson & Harry Smith started investigating did it become clear that most of the population are bridge players. Focusing their attention on the Over the Rainbow Bridge Club in Munchkinland in the land of Oz, they have found a bridge club full of characters with so many of the features of players to be seen in all the bridge clubs in Scotland, and, doubtless, elsewhere.

    Visit the website

    In Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, the third and final volume, the Over the Rainbow Bridge Club is threatened by dark forces. Can Dorothy and her friends come to the rescue? Will the Lion have the courage to stand up to them? Will the Scarecrow understand what is happening? Will the Tin Man even care?

    In . . .

    The East District would like to encourage members to play bridge online using BBO while the ability to play Face to Face during the Covid pandemic is not possible and we are looking to run regular events that will be publicised here. 

    Our first event was an open match-pointed event Friday 4th September - results are here and linked from the 'Results' tab.

    Amidst all the pandemic chaos, we welcome you to our new district website.   Some of its new features will get limited use until we are able to gather around tables again, but we will soon see some of our events moving online.    Committee members will be able to add, update and remove their own content as and when they wish, and my trusty text code editor can retire. 

    The general and bronze home pages are listed in order of publication (newest first), with the facility to 'feature' a small number of articles to keep them prominent for a limited time.  You also get a jump list of recently updated articles (as distinct from recently added) and a pinboard of stuff which needs to hang around for a while.

    The league pages have had major enhancement and one day we'll . . .

    Terms of entry, pre registration and types of event vary, all of the websites carry full details - please consult those directly!

    The SBU has confirmed the appointment of Scott MacDonald to the position of Treasurer. Scott has previously undertaken a similar role for the New Melville Bridge Club and his experience makes him ideally suited for the post. George Plant, the outgoing Treasurer, has kindly offered to provide assistance during a handover period and this process has already started. The SBU would like to thank George for his service over the last 5 years and welcomes Scott to the team.

    Undoubtedly this is the item that has generated the most correspondence since Lockdown commenced. I know that there is a body of opinion that we should be completing the league season by playing online matches. However the Committee is of the unanimous view that this is very unfair to teams that have players who have not – and have no wish - to play online. Given that it seems highly unlikely that we shall be back playing face-to-face bridge before the end of the year, we are proposing that we simply extend the 2019/20 season to become 2019/21. Outstanding matches – or at least those that the Committee deem to be important for promotion and relegation issues - will be played hopefully in the new year between January and the summer at which point master points will be issued.

    (an extract . . .

    Since my last newsletter in May, we have had another Committee meeting and there are a few items to share with you and members of your Club/League team.


    After many years in the same format, Alan Officer has been busy upgrading our website and shortly you will find a new layout with some nice new features. It will be much easier for the committee to add news items. Once we have events to book that will now we done within the East site itself so according to Alan everything should be smooth! Our website address remains the same.

    Committee matters

    Bill Whyte stepped down as Vice Chairman and I’m pleased to announce that Katharine Bailey (our Bronze Convener) has taken on this role. We have also split our Education Convener post into two with Sarah . . .