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Goodman wins Atholl Cup

Congratulations to Alan Goodman's team, who beat Harry Smith in the Atholl final by 99 to 66 over 36 boards.

Renaissance win MacLaren Cup

Congratulations to Renaissance who beat Waverley to win the knockout cup.

Pictured are Denise King, Amanda Aberdour, David Hamilton, Marina Evans, Robert Waugh, Robyn Glynne Percy, Sarah Gunn and Katharine Bailey.

Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison, the 36th President of the SBU, died suddenly on 5 May at the age of 77. Ian was a rising star in the 1970s, when he seemed to win everything in sight. He was the second player to reach the rank of Grand Master, immediately after Tom Culbertson, and he won the Gold Cup in 1981. He was prominent in bridge administration till the death of his parents in the mid eighties, when he seemed to lose interest in bridge. Recently he has played in Dunfermline Bridge Club with Ian MacRoberts. The funeral will be on Thursday 24 May in Dunfermline Crematorium at 11.30 am.

Promoting Bridge

Screening at 5pm, 3 June 2018 at Macrobert Filmhouse - a cinema at the University of Stirling. Here's some background.

It would be great if as many players and non-players were to attend this film screening. We really want people to spread the publicity round their local area, to get to non-bridge players …

Bring a non-playing friend!

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the East District of the Scottish Bridge Union was held on Thursday 26th April 2018 in the Carlton Bridge Centre. Trophies were presented by Denise King.

Div 1 winners – 49ers (see if you can spot them)

Div 2 winners – Colinton Castle (David & Wendy Chambers, Sandra Neil, Ian Thomson)

Div 3 winners – Orion (Rose Simpson, Moyra Forrest, Archie Docherty, Sheila McKay, Marjorie Gibbens)

Div 4 winners – Renaissance (Denise King, Marina Evans)

Div 5 winners – Diamonds (John & Patsy Allen)

Cowan Cup – Malcolm McCardle (& Derrick Peden) (you just have to pretend this is the Cowan)

Edinburgh Congress Trophy for Rayne qualifier – Liz McGowan (Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Douglas Piper)

Faie Rosebowl – Rose Simpson

Allan Flitch – Heather & Peter Braid

Women’s Teams – Liz McGowan (see others below)

Women’s Teams – Liz McGowan (see others below)

Women’s Teams

Won by Helen Gipson, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan, Olivia Bailey with Anne Symons and Helen Kane playing in the first week 1 (Spirit was a late sub and played a storming match).

Runners up were Fiona Greenwood, Sara Duncan, Athena Chow and Sheila Adamson, with Maggie Szymanska playing week 1.

Men’s Teams

Won by Alan Goodman, Miro Dragic, Mike Ash, Paul Gipson and Brian Short in week 1.

Runners up were Iain Sime, Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin, Alex Adamson with John Murdoch in week 1.

Double Dummy - A Bridge Film

Screening at 5pm, 3 June 2018 at Macrobert Filmhouse - a cinema at the University of Stirling.

For the first time in Scotland, the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) is screening a new bridge film – a film documentary based on a Youth World Bridge Championship which explores the perspectives of the young card players, their families and the wider bridge community.

The film unpacks some of the stereotypes about the game and is particularly aimed at those who may not previously have thought about the card game as a potential leisure activity for themselves or their families.

We want to promote this as widely as possible and the Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) are supporting this event as a marketing tool to promote bridge – the game that many are passionate about because of the significant social, health and cognitive benefits it can bring.

If this has your attention you can read more about the film and what you can do to help to promote it.

Strathpeffer Congress

Congratulations to David Kaye and Irene Sime, winners of the Strathpeffer Congress Championship Pairs at the weekend.

Senior Pairs

Congratulations to Harry Smith & Finlay Marshall who won the Freddie Short Quaich (East District Senior Pairs). Runners up were Cathy Ferguson and Bob McKinnon.

Results are at the Carlton site.

Norman Cooper and Kenny Hunter won the Bronze 3/4 class, with Sue & Ian Campbell taking the B1/2.


Full results at the Carlton site at this link

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Tournament Updates

MacLaren Cup latest

The Knockout Cup will be contested by Waverley and holders Renaissance.

Atholl Cup and Plate latest

The Atholl Cup Final will be contested by Harry Smith and Alan Goodman.

The Plate Final is McKinnon versus Home.

Atholl Plate progress chart

Dunbar Congress

The entry forms for the Dunbar Congress in September are now available.

Select this to see the tri-fold flyer we've done to promote bridge - Please feel free to print some off and distribute them handily for people to pick up!

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Bronze Home Page

Coming Soon in the East District

Today is Wednesday 23 May 2018

  • 01/06 Summer & Novice Leagues start () info
  • 01/07 NEBA Match (Berwick on Tweed)
  • 01/09 Swiss Pairs (Red) (Melville 12:00)
  • 02/09 Watson Trophy (Teams of 4) (Red) (Melville 12:00)
  • 04/09 League Secretary's Meeting (Carlton 19:00)
  • 16/09 * Bronze 1 & 2 Individual (Melville 12:00)
  • 16/09 Faie Rosebowl (Ind.) (Melville 12:00)
  • 30/09 Dunbar BC Congress (Dunbar 13:00) info
  • 05/10 Closing date for Atholl Cup entries ()
  • 14/10 ED Heat of Diamond Senior Pairs (Melville 12:00)
  • 05/11 ED Simultaneous Pairs (Clubs)
  • 07/11 Edinburgh Congress Trophy & Rayne Qualifier (1) (Melville 19:00)
  • 14/11 Edinburgh Congress Trophy & Rayne Qualifier (2) (Melville 19:00)

* Bronze only event

Full district (and other) calendars

ED Tournaments 2017-18

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East District League & Cup

Updated 23 April 2018

League wins score 3-0 except * 2-1
AMPs shown in brackets for league matches. Newly submitted results should appear futher down this column.

18/04 D4 Melbas 13210 Comiston 13530 (2)*
17/04 D2 Kelso 13970 Pentland 12640 (5)
12/04 D1 Dundas 8960 Craigleith 11800 (9)
11/04 D1 Falkirk A 14390 Carlton Connection 10630 (9)
11/04 D2 Kelso 14190 Dunfermline A 15040 (3)
05/04 D1 49ers 21790 Falkirk A 15460 (10)
05/04 D1 Craigleith 13900 Phoenix 9040 (11)
05/04 D3 Orion 14570 Randolph 12660 (6)

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Current League Leaders:
Div 1: 49ers
Div 2: Colinton Castle
Div 3: Orion
Div 4: Renaissance
Div 5: Diamonds

MacLaren Cup page, MacLaren Cup Wall Chart

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Here is the Constitution of the East District as approved at the AGM in May 2011.

The Laws of Bridge

The SBU implemented the new 2017 Laws on 1st September 2017. Copies of the new Laws are available from Anne Perkins.

MP Claims

Any paper points, email queries, cheques, and all correspondence related to SBU Master Points must be sent to:

SBU Member Services,
Dept #16,
196 Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4AT.

Any email communications relating to Master Points should be sent to

Master Points Database

MEMPAD gives every SBU member access to their current Master Point totals and ranking, updated daily. Clubs submit master points on-line so you will be able to see your MP totals updated relatively soon after you have played at your local club. There’s also information about members, clubs and SBU competitions.

Email the Master Point Secretary () and ask for a login. Remember to quote your MasterPoint number; you can then register, update your personal details (address, telephone number, email address etc.) and change your password.

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