The SBU has published new information about reopening after COVID, this can be seen here:

If you're not quite sure how playing on Bridgebase Online works, here are a few tips:

Before you begin!

In order to make sure you are "recognised" as a member of SBU East District on BBO it is essential that you add your BBO ID into your Mempad account.

How do you do that?

  • Sign on to MEMPAD
  • Select "MY CONTACTS" on the tab towards the top your screen
  • Select "EDIT", scroll about two thirds the way down the page, and type your BBO name in the labelled box
  • While you are on this "EDIT" page please check all your other contact details are up to date.

Once you're all registered, here's what to do:

  • No earlier than 2 hours before the start time of the event — LOG ON to BBO using their app or at — do . . .

These useful documents are available onthe SBU web site.  Please note they'll probably be updated from time to time so keep an eye on them.