How many of us have friends who have said "one day I'll learn how to play bridge”? There are many opportunities for you to learn bridge online; some teachers are offering the SBU branded course materials, others are using different resources - but all  are being taught online  in Scotland . Please go to SBU/Education for more information. We are encouraging all our members to pass on the message.  Please forward to all your interested friends and family (you can do this via the "Email" link in the little cog icon).

As Autumn approaches and the possibility of continuous restrictions to our meeting face-to-face why not achieve something new over the next few months?

Enjoy Online Bridge Tuition this autumn from the comfort of your home.

There are many opportunities to learn bridge online through the SBU branded course . . .


The SBU promotes the teaching of bridge and supports all bridge tutors whoever they are, and wherever they are based, across Scotland and beyond.  To support this aim, the SBU is launching two new SBU branded courses for beginners and offering free access to all resources for each course to all teachers. One, a shorter 20 lessons course, the other a longer 60 lessons course

Resources for both courses are electronically based comprising Powerpoint Slides, Notes for students and teachers, Quizzes, and Deal files of 8-12 set hands for each lesson.

The SBU is also encouraging beginners to learn to play bridge online this Autumn at their local club, but if that’s not available, experienced teachers from The New Melville Club, The Dundee Bridge Club and Glasgow Bridge Centre are extending their online teaching to anyone who wishes to learn this great game!

Thanks to Elijah for finding this great site which is very well written, family friendly and aimed towards youngsters: 

A Beginner's Guide to Playing Bridge

If you know of any other sites we should be highlighting please feel free to let us know.


The SBU has its own Education site at http://www.spanglefish.com/sbueducation with lots of information about learning, from bridge in schools to adult classes.

Pictured are the 2019 Minibridge winners with their tutors at the AGM.

Minibridge is a simplified form of  Bridge designed to expose newcomers to playing techniques without the burden of learning a detailed  bidding system.  It is an ideal way to get a flavour of the game and teaches you the basics of play.

Like other forms of bridge, Minibridge is played by four players in fixed partnerships, sitting crosswise. A full pack of 52 cards is dealt to the players, each receiving 13 cards. As in contract bridge, it is then decided which player becomes declarer , but a key innovation of Minibridge is that this decision is taken out of the players' hands which makes it easier. 

Declarer's partner then lays open their hand, and declarer announces a contract.  This is a trump suit or no trumps, together with an undertaking to win more than half the tricks (partscore) or a . . .

Various clubs and teachers around the district run programmes of bridge classes and learners’ tournaments.

In Edinburgh, both the Carlton Bridge Centre and the New Melville Bridge Academy (in the New Melville Bridge Club) offer a structured range of classes, from absolute beginners through to intermediate players.


Derek Sanders runs classes and has his own web site with full details.

Please contact us to be added to this list if you're offering SBU classes in your area.