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Senior Pairs

28th April 2017

Congratulations to Derrick Peden and Malcolm McCardle, winners of the Freddie Short Senior Pairs competition. Full results.

Congratulations to Anne Young and Alex Sutherland, winners of the Freddie Short Bronze competition. Full results.

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Bronze News

Stuff aimed exclusively at Bronze players - don’t forget to check the other news for congresses and open competitions which you are also encouraged to enter.

MEMPAD Demystified

How to get at your points

District Bronze Individual

Saturday 8th April 2017

The Bronze Individual event will run in parallel with the longer Faie Rosebowl (see main tournament updates panel). Entry fee is £7 per head, expect to play about 24 boards.

As an individual event, you will be changing partners each round so loads of people to blame if things should inexplicably go wrong! It’s great fun provided you take it in the right spirit of adventure :o) Everyone will play the same simple system so no need to worry about system mishaps.

Event poster

List of current entrants

Please note! The results will not appear on this web site until 12th April, so please check the Carlton site for the outcome.

Summer League

The East District Summer League consists of two separate competitions — one for those in lessons or new to competitive play, and one for those playing currently in the lower level wishing some extra practice during the summer.

Both will be Teams of Four events, playing up to 24 board matches, arranged to suit participants on any dates between 1st June and 1st September 2017.

If anyone has any queries would be delighted to hear from you.

National Bronze Individuals

Sunday 28th May 2017 at 1.00pm at Carlton BC.

There are two Bronze national trophies up for grabs (these are very good to play in!) (you can win Red Points!)

  • The Alan Fairlie Trophy is for novices up to District Master level (Event poster)
  • The Shenkin Trophy caters for all Master levels (up to and including 5 Star Masters and Senior Masters) (Event poster)

Enter online via the SBU web site for these.

List of current entrants

West District Congress

Congratulations to David Hamilton & Amanda Douglas, who won the Bronze Congress Pairs. Also to the Bronze Congress Teams winners — Katherine Bailey, Jenny Middleton, Marina Evans & Robert Waugh.

SBU Bronze Teams

Saturday 11th March

Congratulations to David Houston, David Land, Iain McLaren and Fiona McLaren – East District heat winners of the SBU Bronze Teams at the weekend. The overall prize went to a team from North District.

Here are the full results of the SBU Bronze Teams event on 11th Mach 2017.

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Other News

ED Individual Tournaments

The Faie Rosebowl will run on Saturday 8th April 2017, in parallel with a shorter Bronze Individual event (see Bronze panel). Entry is £12 per head, and a common system card will be in use.

Faie Poster

List of current entrants

Please note! The results will not appear on this web site until 12th April, so please check the Carlton site for the outcome.

Melville April Congress

The New Melville BC is running a one day event on Sunday 9th April, with Congress Pairs at 13:00 and Congress Swiss Teams at 17:30. There will be cash Prizes including Silver & Bronze categories. Entry forms are available for download from the club website, Entries can also be submitted on-line or emailed to address.

Berwick Congress Entry

The entry form for the Berwick Congress on 7th May is now available.

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Results Board

Allan Flitch

Our annual competition for Married Couples took place on Saturday 4th March at the New Melville Bridge Club.

Ian Crorie and Lucia Barrett won the competition.

Keith and Ishbel Clark won the bronze competition.

Sally and Alan Douglas won the silver prize.

Full Flitch results are available on the Melville site.

Older Results

Details from earlier this season.

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Tournament Updates

MacLaren Cup latest

With the competition now at the Quarter Final stage, the multi coloured MacLaren Cup wallchart has been updated.

Full cup results and up to date text draw can of course be found at the knockout cup page.

The QF lineup is thus:

  1. Pinkhill Pandas v Randolph
  2. Skateraw v Nomads
  3. Pied Pipers v Renaissance
  4. Grosvenor Aces v Carlton Connection

Then 1 v 2 and 3 v 4

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Next East District Event

Freddie Short Quaich

The Senior Pairs (Freddie Short) event is on Tuesday 28th March — 12pm start at the Carlton — this is the event for people who were aged 60 or above on 1st January 2017. There will be one tournament for Gold and Silver players and one for Bronze ranked players.

List of entrants so far

Coming Soon in the East District

Today is Wednesday 29 March 2017

  • 08/04 Bronze Individual (Carlton 13:00) info
  • 08/04 Faie Rosebowl (Ind.) (Carlton 13:00) info
  • 09/04 Melville One Day Congress (Melville 13:00) info
  • 19/04 ED Ladies' Teams (1) (Carlton 19:00)
  • 19/04 ED Men's Teams (1) (Carlton 19:00)
  • 26/04 ED Ladies' Teams (2) (Carlton 19:00)
  • 26/04 ED Men's Teams (2) (Carlton 19:00)
  • 07/05 Berwick Congress (Scremerston RC) info
  • 28/05 SBU Alan Fairlie Individual (up to District Master) (Carlton 13:00) info
  • 28/05 SBU Shenkin Individual (Masters/Senior Masters) (Carlton 13:00) info
  • 28/05 SBU Benjamin Individual (Grand Masters) (Carlton)
  • 28/05 SBU Harrison Individual (Carlton)
  • 03/06 Bronze Challenge Teams (Melville 13:00)

Full district (and other) calendars

ED Tournaments 2016-17

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East District League & Cup

Updated 29 March 2017

League wins score 3-0 except * 2-1
AMPs shown in brackets for league matches. Newly submitted results should appear futher down this column.

28/03 D1 Nomads 16670 Linlithgow 13800 (7)
27/03 D3 Kelso 15330 Randolph 11570 (9)
27/03 CS Pinkhill Pandas 16500 Skateraw 22260
23/03 D1 Phoenix 15020 49ers 18270 (7)
23/03 D2 Pied Pipers 19810 Livingston 16830 (7)
23/03 D5 Warriston 13810 Diamonds 15640 (6)
22/03 D2 Dunfermline A 16230 Pentland 13630 (7)
22/03 D3 Dunfermline B 12570 Colinton Castle 14460 (6)

Results | Tables | Next matches | Submit result

Current League Leaders:
Div 1: Craigleith
Div 2: Carlton Connection
Div 3: Colinton Castle
Div 4: Gullane
Div 5: Renaissance

MacLaren Cup page, MacLaren Cup Wall Chart

Breaking results

View most recent 50 results in more detail

29/03 D1 Nomads 16670 Linlithgow 13800 (7)
27/03 D3 Kelso 15330 Randolph 11570 (9)
27/03 CUP Pinkhill Pandas 16500 Skateraw 22260
23/03 D5 Warriston 13810 Diamonds 15640 (6)
23/03 D2 Pied Pipers 19810 Livingston 16830 (7)
23/03 D1 Phoenix 15020 49ers 18270 (7)
23/03 D2 Marmion B 11440 Orion 11700 (2)
23/03 D2 Dunfermline A 16230 Pentland 13630 (7)
23/03 D3 Peebles A 13700 Gosford 19280 (10)

These are results which been submitted within the past 7 days. The league tables will only reflect these results once they have been processed and appear in the main list.

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Master Points Database


This season we have a new combined membership and master points database named MEMPAD. Visit it here.

MEMPAD gives every SBU member their own area where current Master point totals and rating can be seen. This information will be updated daily. In the new season clubs will submit master points on-line (only for club one-session events at first) so you will be able to see your MP totals updated relatively soon after you have played at your local club. There’s also various other information available about members, clubs and SBU competitions.

This really is an excellent system, and very easy to use. email the Master Point Secretary () and ask for a login.

Remember to quote your MasterPoint number; you can then register, update your personal details (address, telephone number, email address etc.) and change to your own personal password. Ultimate objective after successive phases — no more wee pieces of paper!


Here is the Constitution of the East District as approved at the AGM in May 2011.

The Official History of the Scottish Bridge Union

176 pages of fascinating information and photographs for just £10. The Book will be on sale at all major SBU events. Or contact Liz McGowan or Anne Perkins to arrange collection.

The Laws of Bridge

The SBU implemented the new laws on 1st September 2008. Copies of the Laws are available from Anne Perkins at a cost of £3

MP Claims

Any paper points, email queries, cheques, and all correspondence related to SBU Master Points must be sent to:

SBU Member Services,
Dept #16,
196 Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4AT.

Any email communications relating to Master Points should be sent to

Web Site

Design & updates for East District by Alan Officer.

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