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Bronze Pairs Event

The East District has been invited to hold a heat of the EBU Northern Counties Improvers’ Pairs competition. Pairs will play the same boards as other heats and scores will be combined at the end of play. Sunday 15th May at New Melville BC, over 24 boards starting at 1pm. Cost is £7 per pair. Prizes for the winners! Entries please to .

Entries so far:

  1. Ester Green/Trish Gordon
  2. Katharine Bailey/Sarah Gunn
  3. Elspeth Burnside/Ian Fraser
  4. Patricia Syme/Margaret Tait
  5. Alan Officer/Norma Bain
  6. Norma Kerr/Fiona Davies
  7. Clare Douglas/Alison Littleboy
  8. Graham Dempsey/Janet Unsworth
  9. Sheila Yule/Jean Tennant
  10. Katriona McCrea/Susan Newlands
  11. David Houston/Lesley Campbell
  12. David McGrouther/Marion Dick
  13. Kate Aggett/Liz Kelly
  14. Bob Edwards/Ken McKenna
  15. Margaret Anne Byron/Gail Harvey
  16. Sheila Halliday/John Everett
  17. Jane Harper/Rosa Bisset
  18. Jim Williams/Christine Anderson
  19. Dawn Henderson/Margaret Forrester
  20. Anne Young/Alex Sutherland
  21. Andrew Younger/Alan Roberts
  22. Angela Marsland/Margaret Barr
  23. Alastair Rattray/Harry Sim
  24. Ian McCreath/Christine McCreath
  25. Joan Ellam/Moira Crawford
  26. Ella Montgomery/Nancy Yorkston
  27. Fiona McElhinney/Nicola Dean
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Bronze News

Bronze Pairs Event

See TOP STORY for details.

Bronze Teams in May

There will be a BRONZE MULTIPLE TEAMS EVENT run at the Melville on 28 May 2016. Open to all BRONZE level players in teams of 4 (If anyone is looking for team mates, please let us know and we will try to put you in touch with others in the same position), £20 per team (includes tea/coffee), prizes for all of the bronze rankings. Entries please to .

Swiss Teams

The Hunter Cup takes place on Sunday 29th May at the New Melville, 1pm start. This event will be run as Swiss Teams if there are sufficient entries. If not, it will run as a normal teams event but there will still be master points for each match won – a good incentive to enter!

Bronze and Silver prizes will be awarded if there are sufficient teams in these categories so get your entries in and encourage your friends to enter a team too. Entry is £50 per team including table money, to . See the event poster.

Allan Flitch Bronze Pairs

David and Denise, Allan Flitch bronze winners.

Bronze Rankings

Changes to the Bronze/Silver/Gold categorisation were made at the start of the season. Since a large majority of SBU members is classified as being in the Bronze category, Bronze is now divided into 3 bands. Bronze-1 covers up to Local Masters, Bronze-2 caters for District Masters, while Bronze-3 covers all Masters and Senior Masters i.e. everyone else below the rank of Scottish Master. SBU rankings

Where possible, the East District is running parallel events alongside its major competitions for bronze players only.

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Kelso Congress

Kelso Bridge Club invites you to a Congress to be held on Sunday 5th June 2016 in the Tweedie Stand at Kelso Racecourse. On the north side of Kelso, this venue provides views of the racecourse and town. The Tweedie Stand is a well-appointed, well-lit facility with car parking at the door.

The Congress will be a two-session event. The afternoon session, starting promptly at 1.00 pm, will be an Open Pairs Championship with duplicated boards and computerised scoring across the field. The evening session, starting at about 5pm, will be a Swiss Teams event. Please aim to arrive by 12.40pm.

Congress entry form.

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Other News

Annual General Meeting 2016

The Annual General Meeting of the East District of the Scottish Bridge Union was held on 27th April 2016 in the Carlton Bridge Centre. Here are some of the winners, with trophy presentation by Liz McGowan:

Neil Macpherson and Linda Delworth - Swiss Pairs

Neil Macpherson won the Swiss Pairs with Linda Delworth

Tim McKay, Derrick Peden, Troy van de l’Isle, Jake Corry - Charles Bowman Trophy

Derrick Peden won the Men’s Teams with Tim McKay, Troy van de l’Isle and Jake Corry.

Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Soozy Nesom, Sheila Adamson, Anne Symons, Sam Punch - Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase

Fiona McQuaker and Liz McGowan won the Women’s Teams with Soozy Nesom, Sheila Adamson, Anne Symons, Sam Punch

David Liggat and Liz McGowan - Freddie Short Quaich

David Liggat and Liz McGowan won the Senior Pairs.

David and Wendy Chambers - Allan Flitch

David and Wendy Chambers won the Allan Flitch trophy.

Mike Ash and Laura Middleton - McGregor Cup

Mike Ash won the McGregor Cup with Laura Middleton.

Liz McGowan and David Liggat - Cowan Cup

The Cowan Cup was won by David Liggat and Liz McGowan.

Liz McGowan - Faie Rosebowl

Liz McGowan also won the Faie Rosebowl individual trophy.

Fiona McQuaker, Iain Sime, John Murdoch and Patrick Home - Watson Trophy

Fiona McQuaker won the Watson Trophy with Iain Sime, John Murdoch and Patrick Home.

Phoenix - MacLaren Cup

Phoenix won the MacLaren Cup, represented by Duncan Macdonald.

Melbas - Division 5

Phil Glen accepted the Division 5 plate on behalf of Melbas.

Unusual Suspects - Division 4

Hazel Brown and Janet Unsworth lifted the Division 4 trophy for Unusual Suspects.

Falcon - Division 3

Division 3 was won by Falcon, represented by Anne Young.

Scramblers - Division 2

Scramblers won Division 2, represented by Damien Byron and John Ferguson.

League Masterpoint Claims

Claims for league match masterpoints can be done in two ways:

Complete the Claim Form (which is MS Word format) then email it to either as a WORD document or as a scanned image. The Word document has predefined entry fields so is quite simple.

Should you prefer, you may print and complete the form, by hand or in Word, then post to SBU Member Services, SBU Dept #16, 196 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 4AT.

Your document will not be receipted, so please retain a copy.

If a division is complete by 1st May then all the teams in that division will be processed within the month. A list of the missing teams will be posted on the East District website on May 2nd. No commitment can be made at this time as to when late entries will be processed.

International Bridge comes to Edinburgh

The Holiday Inn across the road from the New Melville BC will play host the Senior Camrose from 20-22 May 2016.


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Results Board


Congratulations to all the East members who did well in the individuals at the weekend. Liz McGowan won the Benjamin, Anne Perkins won the Harrison and the Fairlie was won by Norrie O’Neill.

The Shenkin was won by Alex O’Hara (Ayrshire) with Bland Brown a very close second, so the East missed a clean sweep by 0.2%.

Knockout Teams

Congratulations to Phoenix, who have beaten Carlton Connection in the MacLaren Cup final by 28310 to 23740.

The winners were represented by J. McMenemy, P. Maiolani, K. Goodman, A. Bonnes, M. Young, D. Macdonald, J. P. Hamilton and G. Kirk. Note that the final is a longer match than the previous rounds.

Teams events

The East District Ladies’ Teams tournament, for the Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase, has been won by Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Soozy Nesom*, Sheila Adamson*, Anne Symons* and Sam Punch* (* = played one of the two sessions).The full teams results are here.

The Men’s Teams event, for the Charles Bowman Trophy, has been won by Tim McKay, Derrick Peden, Troy van de l’Isle and Jake Corry. Full results for this are on the Melville site.

The East leagues are gradually reaching the end. Congratulations to 49ers, Scramblers, Falcon, Unusual Suspects and Melbas for winning their divisions. Would all team captains who have not already done so please send in their Masterpoint Claims forms before the end of this month, to allow these to be processed.

An interlude brings the Senior Camrose to Edinburgh 20-22 May (it’s at the Holiday Inn beside the Melville) before the East District events get wrapped up for the season with the Hunter Cup and Bronze Teams events at the end of May.

Allan Flitch Trophy

David and Wendy Chambers came first with 60.48%, Jan and Andy Philip were 2nd with 56.90% and Denise and David King won the bronze prize with 56.67%. The full list of entrants/results is on the Melville website.

Older Results

Details from earlier this season.

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Tournament Updates

Pivot Teams Finals

Sime plays McGowan in the Atholl Cup final on May 11th, and Smith plays Peden in the Plate final on May 6th.

Swiss Teams

The Hunter Cup takes place on Sunday 29th May at the New Melville, 1pm start. This event will be run as Swiss Teams if there are sufficient entries. If not, it will run as a normal teams event but there will still be master points for each match won – a good incentive to enter! Entry is £50 per team including table money, to . See the event poster.

Atholl Cup update

Liz McGowan’s team will play Iain Sime or David Chambers in the final.

Here is the full draw sheet

Atholl Plate Draw

Harry Smith will play Derrick Peden or Sandy Kirkwood in the final of the Plate.

Semi Finals by 21st March and final by 15th April.

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Next Events

Bronze Teams in May

Bronze Teams — New Melville on 28 May 2016. Open to all BRONZE level players in teams of 4 — - see the BRONZE NEWS panel for full details.

Hunter Cup

The Hunter Cup takes place on Sunday 29th May at the New Melville, 1pm start. Red pointed if there are sufficient entries to run it as a Swiss Teams. Entry is £50 per team including table money, to . See the event poster.

Coming Soon in the East District

Today is Thursday 05 May 2016

  • 15/05 Bronze Pairs Sim Trial Event (Melville 13:00) info
  • 20/05 Senior Camrose @Holiday Inn (Edinburgh)
  • 21/05 Senior Camrose @Holiday Inn (Edinburgh)
  • 22/05 Senior Camrose @Holiday Inn (Edinburgh)
  • 28/05 Bronze Teams (Melville 12:00) info
  • 29/05 Hunter Cup Swiss Teams (Melville 13:00) info
  • 05/06 Kelso Congress (Kelso Racecourse 13:00)

Full district (and other) calendars

ED Tournaments 2015-16

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East District League & Cup

Updated 27 April 2016

League wins score 3-0 except * 2-1
AMPs shown in brackets for league matches. Newly submitted results should appear futher down this column.

25/04 CF Phoenix 28310 Carlton Connection 23740
21/04 D1 Pied Pipers 13670 Dundas 18110 (9)
21/04 D5 Ruff Club 12180 Invulnerables 13780 (6)
19/04 D1 Phoenix 15680 Merchiston 12190 (8)
14/04 D4 Brave Knaves 12060 Acolytes 12380 (2)*
14/04 D4 Jethart 11050 Marmion A 12770 (6)
12/04 D5 Ruff Club 7700 Melbas 11240 (10)
11/04 D1 49ers 12050 Dundas 13700 (6)

Results | Tables | Next matches | Submit result

Current League Leaders:
Div 1: 49ers
Div 2: Scramblers
Div 3: Falcon
Div 4: Unusual Suspects
Div 5: Melbas

MacLaren Cup page, MacLaren Cup Wall Chart

Breaking results

View most recent 50 results in more detail

04/05 D 0 0 ()
04/05 D 0 ()
04/05 D 0 ()

These are results which been submitted within the past 7 days. The league tables will only reflect these results once they have been processed and appear in the main list.

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Master Points Database


This season we have a new combined membership and master points database named MEMPAD. Visit it here.

MEMPAD gives every SBU member their own area where current Master point totals and rating can be seen. This information will be updated daily. In the new season clubs will submit master points on-line (only for club one-session events at first) so you will be able to see your MP totals updated relatively soon after you have played at your local club. There’s also various other information available about members, clubs and SBU competitions.

This really is an excellent system, and very easy to use. email the Master Point Secretary () and ask for a login.

Remember to quote your MasterPoint number; you can then register, update your personal details (address, telephone number, email address etc.) and change to your own personal password. Ultimate objective after successive phases — no more wee pieces of paper!


Here is the Constitution of the East District as approved at the AGM in May 2011.

The Official History of the Scottish Bridge Union

176 pages of fascinating information and photographs for just £10. The Book will be on sale at all major SBU events. Or contact Liz McGowan or Anne Perkins to arrange collection.

The Laws of Bridge

The SBU implemented the new laws on 1st September 2008. Copies of the Laws are available from Anne Perkins at a cost of £3

MP Claims

Any paper points, email queries, cheques, and all correspondence related to SBU Master Points must be sent to:

SBU Member Services,
Dept #16,
196 Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4AT.

Any email communications relating to Master Points should be sent to

Web Site

Design & updates for East District by Alan Officer.

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