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Novice Teams and Summer Teams

The summer competition for newer players is this year split into two, allowing for a Novice Teams and, for the slightly more experienced, main Summer Teams event. Here is the match calendar: all matches begin at 7pm.

8/6/16  Fife Aces Vs Invunerables (Dunfermline Bridge Club)
8/6/16  Grange Vs Warriston (NMBC)
13/6/16 Grange Vs Hermiston S (NMBC)
14/6/16 Ruff and Ready Vs Diamonds are Forever (NMBC)
15/6/16 Ruff Diamonds Vs Whatsappateers (Dunfermline Bridge Club)
21/6/16 Fife Aces Vs Grange (Aberdour)
22/6/16 Ruff Diamonds Vs Diamonds are Forever (Dunfermline Bridge Club)
28/6/16 Whatsappateers Vs Diamonds are Forever (NMBC)
4/7/16  Whatsappateers Vs Ruff and Ready (NMBC)
6/7/16  Diamond are Forever Vs Ruff and Ready (NMBC)
6/7/16  Hermiston J Vs Warriston (NMBC)
12/7/16 Ruff and Ready Vs Ruff Diamonds ( NMBC)
12/7/16 Warriston Vs Invunerables (NMBC)
13/7/16 Invunerables Vs Grange (NMBC)
19/7/16 Whatsappateers Vs Ruff Diamonds (NMBC)
20/7/16 Hermiston S Vs Hermiston J (NMBC)
26/7/16 Ruff and Ready Vs Whatsappateers (NMBC)
26/7/16 Hermiston J Vs Invunerables (NMBC)
3/8/16  Grange Vs Hermiston J (NMBC)
3/8/16  Hermiston S Vs Warriston ( CBC)
9/8/16  Fife Aces Vs Hermiston J ( Aberdour)
11/8/16 Diamonds are Forever Vs Whatsappateers (NMBC)
15/8/16 Diamonds are Forever Vs Ruff Diamonds (NMBC)
16/8/16 Fife Aces Vs Warriston (CBC)
17/8/16 Ruff Diamonds Vs Ruff and Ready (Dunfermline BC)
17/8/16 Invunerables Vs Hermiston S (NMBC)
23/8/16 Ffe Aces Vs Hermiston S (Aberdour)

Prize giving 1St September 2016

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Bronze News

Hunter Cup Bronze Award

Congratulations to Dilys Gellatly, Kenny Hunter, Stuart Thomson and Nicol Taylor — winners of the Hunter Cup Bronze Award, see the Hunter Cup section for a photo.

Bronze Teams

Congratulations to Katharine Bailey, Sarah Gunn, Robyn Glynne-Percy and Amanda Aberdour — who were the highest ranked Bronze 1 Team.

Bronze 1/2 Teams result.

Congratulations to Sue and Ian Campbell, Ian Thomson & Adrian Eastwood — winners of the combined Bronze 1/2 event on Saturday 28th May.

Congratulations to Steve Bailey, Frances McKeon, Nicol Taylor and Robert Dickson — winners of the Bronze 3 award.

Bronze 3 Teams result.

Bronze Rankings

Changes to the Bronze/Silver/Gold categorisation were made at the start of the season. Since a large majority of SBU members is classified as being in the Bronze category, Bronze is now divided into 3 bands. Bronze-1 covers up to Local Masters, Bronze-2 caters for District Masters, while Bronze-3 covers all Masters and Senior Masters i.e. everyone else below the rank of Scottish Master. SBU rankings

Where possible, the East District is running parallel events alongside its major competitions for bronze players only.

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Other News

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Results Board

Hunter Cup

Congratulations to Brian Short, Alan Goodman, Sam Punch and Stephen Peterkin — winners of the Hunter Cup on Sunday 29th May.

Second (after a split tie) were David Weir, Doug Mitchell, John Di Mambro and Gimts Freimanis. The Silver Prize went to John Hamilton, Kirsty Goodman, Andy Bonnes, and Eileen O’Hare. Bronze winners were Dilys Gellatly, Kenny Hunter, Stuart Thomson and Nicol Taylor.

Here are the Hunter Cup results.

The Silver Prize went to John Hamilton, Kirsty Goodman, Andy Bonnes, and Eileen O’Hare.

Bronze winners were Dilys Gellatly, Kenny Hunter, Stuart Thomson and Nicol Taylor.

Older Results

Details from earlier this season.

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Tournament Updates

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Next Events

Coming Soon in the East District

Today is Sunday 26 June 2016

    Full district (and other) calendars

    ED Tournaments 2015-16

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    East District League & Cup

    Updated 27 April 2016

    League wins score 3-0 except * 2-1
    AMPs shown in brackets for league matches. Newly submitted results should appear futher down this column.

    25/04 CF Phoenix 28310 Carlton Connection 23740
    21/04 D1 Pied Pipers 13670 Dundas 18110 (9)
    21/04 D5 Ruff Club 12180 Invulnerables 13780 (6)
    19/04 D1 Phoenix 15680 Merchiston 12190 (8)
    14/04 D4 Brave Knaves 12060 Acolytes 12380 (2)*
    14/04 D4 Jethart 11050 Marmion A 12770 (6)
    12/04 D5 Ruff Club 7700 Melbas 11240 (10)
    11/04 D1 49ers 12050 Dundas 13700 (6)

    Results | Tables | Next matches | Submit result

    Current League Leaders:
    Div 1: 49ers
    Div 2: Scramblers
    Div 3: Falcon
    Div 4: Unusual Suspects
    Div 5: Melbas

    MacLaren Cup page, MacLaren Cup Wall Chart

    Breaking results

    View most recent 50 results in more detail

    These are results which been submitted within the past 7 days. The league tables will only reflect these results once they have been processed and appear in the main list.

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    Master Points Database

    Visit MEMPAD

    This season we have a new combined membership and master points database named MEMPAD. Visit it here.

    MEMPAD gives every SBU member their own area where current Master point totals and rating can be seen. This information will be updated daily. In the new season clubs will submit master points on-line (only for club one-session events at first) so you will be able to see your MP totals updated relatively soon after you have played at your local club. There’s also various other information available about members, clubs and SBU competitions.

    This really is an excellent system, and very easy to use. email the Master Point Secretary () and ask for a login.

    Remember to quote your MasterPoint number; you can then register, update your personal details (address, telephone number, email address etc.) and change to your own personal password. Ultimate objective after successive phases — no more wee pieces of paper!


    Here is the Constitution of the East District as approved at the AGM in May 2011.

    The Official History of the Scottish Bridge Union

    176 pages of fascinating information and photographs for just £10. The Book will be on sale at all major SBU events. Or contact Liz McGowan or Anne Perkins to arrange collection.

    The Laws of Bridge

    The SBU implemented the new laws on 1st September 2008. Copies of the Laws are available from Anne Perkins at a cost of £3

    MP Claims

    Any paper points, email queries, cheques, and all correspondence related to SBU Master Points must be sent to:

    SBU Member Services,
    Dept #16,
    196 Rose Street,
    Edinburgh EH2 4AT.

    Any email communications relating to Master Points should be sent to

    Web Site

    Design & updates for East District by Alan Officer.

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