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ED Sim Pairs

The East District Sim Pairs event on 6th/7th November was this year scored on eCats (session no. 4929) as a Match Pointed Pairs event. Heats in Berwick, Dunfermline, Carlton, New Melville, Jedburgh, Peebles.

The final results can be seen at this web page so, along with the usual full stats.

The final Top 10 is now confirmed as follows:

Top Dunfermline pair were Jane Carnegie & Gill Simmons (56.73%); top Jedburgh pair were John Miller & Marian Miller (56.72%).

Here is the competition hands booklet.

Atholl Cup Draw

Atholl Cup Draw

Briggs beat Kirkwood

Jeff Bond drew the names out of a hat (well bowl) after the finalists and semi-finalists from last year had been placed in opposite halves of the draw. First round to be played by Nov 30th if at all possible.

As we have exactly 16 teams, the winning 8 will proceed to the 2nd round to be played by Jan 14th and the 8 losing teams will enter the Atholl Plate with the losers from Goodman & Fraser match playing the losers from the Home & Leith match and so on down the list of teams. 1st round of Atholl Plate to also be played by Jan 14th if possible.

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MacLaren Cup Draw

Here is the MacLaren Cup draw

The new league and cup fixtures have being processed in preparation for the new season and are now available on the league page - please double check your own match details against the calendar! Changes can be made without penalty until 29th September. After this the league rules require penalties to be applied for date changes.

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Conveners: login to SBU Web Site

Results Board

Older Results

Details from earlier this season.

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Tournament Updates

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Bronze Home Page

Coming Soon in the East District

Today is Monday 20 November 2017

  • 24/11 McGregor Cup (Mixed Pairs) (Melville 18:30)
  • 05/12 National Pairs - Qualifying (Carlton 19:00)
  • 28/12 New Melville BC Congress (Melville)
  • 29/12 New Melville BC Congress (Melville)
  • 20/01 National Pairs - East District Final (Carlton 13:00)
  • 03/02 * Bronze Challenge Pairs (Carlton 13:00)
  • 17/02 Allan Flitch (married couples pairs) (Melville 18:00)
  • 03/03 * ED Heat of National Bronze Teams (Melville 13:00) info
  • 11/03 Cowan Cup District Pairs (Carlton 13:00)
  • 27/03 * Senior Bronze Pairs (Carlton 12:00)
  • 27/03 Senior Pairs (Freddie Short Quaich) (Carlton 12:00)
  • 18/04 ED Men's Teams (1) (Melville 19:00)
  • 18/04 ED Women's Teams (1) (Melville 19:00)

* Bronze only event

Full district (and other) calendars

ED Tournaments 2016-17

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East District League & Cup

Updated 09 November 2017

League wins score 3-0 except * 2-1
AMPs shown in brackets for league matches. Newly submitted results should appear futher down this column.

07/11 D1 Carlton Connection 12450 Linlithgow 12480 (1)*
06/11 D2 Skateraw 19140 Kelso 16850 (6)
06/11 D3 Berwick A 17360 Randolph 14250 (7)
02/11 D1 Falkirk B 9870 Dundas 14030 (10)
02/11 D2 Waverley 14920 Colinton Castle 15640 (3)
02/11 D4 Optimists 11810 Comiston 18610 (11)
02/11 D4 Ormiston 9910 Carlton Camden 15770 (11)
02/11 C1 Craigleith 18190 Gullane 11440

Results | Tables | Next matches | Submit result

Current League Leaders:
Div 1: Linlithgow
Div 2: Scramblers
Div 3: Orion
Div 4: Renaissance
Div 5: Diamonds

MacLaren Cup page, MacLaren Cup Wall Chart

Breaking results

View most recent 50 results in more detail

16/11 D4 Melbas 12090 Ormiston 13800 (6)
16/11 D5 Ruff Club 14570 Diamonds 13990 (3)
15/11 D5 Hermitage 14180 Brave Knaves 13440 (3)
16/11 D5 Winterfell 8170 Pinkhill Pandas 14920 (12)
15/11 D3 Gullane 15970 Peebles A 12930 (8)
15/11 D3 Longniddry Bees 11290 Gosford 15140 (9)
15/11 D2 Colinton Castle 14010 Pentland 13190 (4)
14/11 CUP Phoenix 16450 Iconoclasts 18360

These are results which been submitted within the past 7 days. The league tables will only reflect these results once they have been processed and appear in the main list.

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Master Points Database

How to get at your points

Visit MEMPAD now.

MEMPAD gives every SBU member their own area where current Master point totals and rating can be seen. This information is updated daily. Clubs submit master points on-line so you will be able to see your MP totals updated relatively soon after you have played at your local club. There’s also various other information available about members, clubs and SBU competitions.

This really is an excellent system, and very easy to use. email the Master Point Secretary () and ask for a login.

Remember to quote your MasterPoint number; you can then register, update your personal details (address, telephone number, email address etc.) and change to your own personal password. Ultimate objective after successive phases — no more wee pieces of paper!


Here is the Constitution of the East District as approved at the AGM in May 2011.

The Laws of Bridge

The SBU implemented the new 2017 Laws on 1st September 2017. Copies of the new Laws are available from Anne Perkins.

MP Claims

Any paper points, email queries, cheques, and all correspondence related to SBU Master Points must be sent to:

SBU Member Services,
Dept #16,
196 Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4AT.

Any email communications relating to Master Points should be sent to

Web Site

Design & updates for East District by Alan Officer.

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