Highlights of Season 2012-13

East District

Stories and results from earlier in the year will appear here after they are retired from the main news page. Reverse chronological order.

Hunter Cup

The Hunter Cup on Sunday 9th June was won by Robert Clow, Eric Nold, Anthony Bates and Tim McKay, after a split tie with Male, McGinley, Silverdale and Greenwood runners up.

Hunter Cup results

The No Fears teams event at the same venue was won by Jacob Moody, Katherine Dempsie, Rhona Diamond & Malcolm Lee. Results from that event.

Kelso Congress

Kelso Congress Pairs was won by Bett & Norman Morrison, and the Swiss Teams event also won by Bett & Norman, with Margaret and Ian Morton.

Individual Finals

The Carlton saw four individual finals on Sunday 26th May.

The Benjamin (Grand Masters) was narrowly won by Iain Sime, with Tim McKay runner up.

The Harrison (Scottish and National Masters) was won by Iain Taylor with Mike Smith in 2nd. This competition was rescored after data entry errors were spotted, which unfortunately bumped Mike from the top spot.

The Shenkin (Masters and Senior Masters) went to Ann Gray (Central) 56.30%, with Abigail Wilson (55.56%) second and Eric Door third. This competition was also rescored after data entry errors were spotted, with both East reps slipping down a place as a result.

The Fairlie (Local and District Masters) was won by Gillian Godfrey (59.26%).


Scottish Cup

The Scottish Cup was won by Paul Barton (Brian Spears, John Murdoch, Alan Goodman) with Iain Sime (Alan Mould, Jack Paterson, Jim McGeorge) runners up.

Berwick Congress

Berwick teams winners 2013

The Congress Swiss Teams event in the Berwick Congress was won by Catriona Gardiner, Jane Harper, Elizabeth Peckham and Jane Miller.

The Congress Pairs was won by Phil Stephens and Martin Stephens.

Melville Congress

The final Congress Teams event to be held in the Grosvenor Crescent incarnation of the Melville BC was won by David Weir, Douglas Mitchell, Liz McGowan and David Liggat, with Perkins, Sime, Palmer and Hay runners up.

The Congress Pairs was won by John Hamilton and Mike Smith, with Bob McPaul and Tony Wilkinson runners up.

Men’s Teams

Here are the results from the Bowman Trophy.

The event was won by Iain Sime, Jack Paterson, John Matheson, John Murdoch, Derek Sanders and Stephen Peterkin. Runners up (1 behind!) were Mike Ash, Alan Goodman, Brian Short and Miro Dragic. In third place were the first half leaders Robert Clow, Eric Nolf, Troy van de l'Isle and Anthony Bates.

Women’s Teams

Here are the results from the Bruce Vase.

The Ladies’ teams event was won by Liz McGowan, Sam Punch, Anne Symons and Sheila Adamson. Runners up were Julia Palmer, Claire Hargan, Anne Perkins and Irene Sime, with Fiona Lawson, Eileen Carmichael, Diana Drysdale and Ros French third.

Atholl Cup Plate

Congratulations to Sandy Kirkwood, Ken Tait, Robin Martin and Derick McIntosh, who have won the Atholl Cup Plate, beating Liz Barr, Gill Colston, Trina Rogerson and Margaret Forrest in the final at the Marmion.

Senior Camrose

Congratulations to the Scotland Senior Team, who were triumphant at the Senior Camrose in Wales at the weekend.

Our lineup was Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Alan Goodman, Brian Short, Irving Gordon, Danny Kane and NPC Anne Symons.

Senior Camrose results.

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University Portland Bowl team

The EU team reached the Final of the Portland Bowl, the British Universities Championship, where they lost to Imperial College London. The team was Jun Pinder, Stefan David, Krzysztof Nguyen and Yvonne Wiseman.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the East District of the Scottish Bridge Union was held on Wednesday 1st May 2013 in the Carlton Bridge Centre, 36B Warriston Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 5NE at 7.30 pm. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the excellent attendance.

Pictured is Jack Paterson receiving a token of appreciation from David Liggat on behalf of the East District on the occasion of Jack's retirement from the ED Committee after many years of sterling service. Photos courtesy of Norma Bain - now shown at the foot of this page!

Lady Milne

England - Lady Milne winners 2013

Congratulations to England, who have won the Lady Milne in Edinburgh. Scotland were runners up, represented by Sheila Adamson, Anne Symons, Catherine Gerrard, Laura Porro, Liz McGowan and Sam Punch (NPC Brian Short), with SBU third: Laura Middleton, Veronica Guy, Cathy Ferguson, Michele Gladstone, Maida Grant and Sheila Macdonald (NPC Alan Goodman). Photo by Norma Bain, as is this video footage of the Scotland NPC in action at the gala dinner, where he demonstrated his “Captain’s Kit”. Lady Milne website. Another successful major tournament run by the East District.

Atholl Cup Final

Congratulations to Mike Ash and Team, who have won the Atholl Cup by 13 from Fiona McQuaker.

Senior Pairs

Harry Smith & Finlay Marshall won the Freddie Short Quaich Senior Pairs competition at the Melville at weekend. Full details can be had via the Melville results page.

Ranked Sim Pairs

Winners of the 2013 Jesner National Tournament Winners of the 2013 Kennedy National Tournament

Congratulations to Bett Morrison & Ritchie Thompson, overall winners of the Jesner Trophy for Masters and Senior Masters. The East heat was held recently at the Carlton.

Also picking up silverware are Willie MacGruer & Maggie Greer, who have won the Kennedy Trophy for Local and Club Masters.

The Johnston Trophy for District Masters was won by the West pair McGinley and Russell.

Allan Flitch Trophy

Winners of the 2013 Allan Flitch  District TournamentCongratulations to Archie & Pam Leith, winners of the Allan Flitch trophy.

Runners up were Andy & Jan Philip with Ian Crorie and Lucia Barrett third. Results

Cowan Cup Final

Congratulations to Tim McKay & Keith Youngs (63.44%), who won the Cowan Cup on Sunday at the Melville, with George Plant & Derek Sanders runners up with 61.88%.

Completing the top five in a tight contest were John Hamilton & Fiona Lawson (3rd with 61.67%), Patrick Home & Iain Sime (4th on 61.45%) and Arend Bayer & Alan Goodman (5th with 60.75%).

The Bronze prize winners were Ross and Anne Torkington (51.12%), 8th overall, with Susan & Morison Zuill closest on 50.35%.

Cowan Cup Final results | Cowan Cup Final frequencies

No Fear & Next Step Pairs

Winners of the 2013 No Fear East District TournamentCongratulations to Holli & Steven Mast (63.10%), winners of the No Fear district tournament at the Carlton on Saturday 23rd February 2013. Runners up were Pauline Anderson & Brian McKenzie (60.12%) with Lynette Clutton & Denise King third (56.26%).

No Fear results

Winners of the 2013 Next Step East District TournamentCongratulations also to Christian Boorman & Aileen Brannan (58.90%), winners of the Next Step event. Runners up were Bill Hamilton & Gordon Wowk (58.71%) with Grace & Chris White third (57.39%).

Next Step results

The day went well and everyone seemed to enjoy the competition, with several pairs travelling from around the country to play in it.

Berwick Congress

The application form for the 31st Berwick congress on Sunday 5th May is now available.

Melville Congress

Following on from its recent highly successful Christmas Congress, the Melville is delighted to announce its 3rd Annual one-day Congress, to be held on Sunday 28th April. The Pairs competition in the afternoon session will be handicapped as usual, and the evening session will take the very popular form of a Swiss Teams tournament. The club looks forward to a big turnout for its last Congress in Grosvenor Crescent before its exciting move to pastures new!

Here’s the Melville Congress Entry Form.

Highland Congress

Results are available from Strathpeffer.

Junior Internationals

Scotland have finished runners up to England in both the Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer events.

Mixed Swiss Teams

The National Mixed Swiss Teams event at Hutchesons GS won by Liz McGowan and David Liggat (playing with Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin (88), 3 VP clear. Full Swiss Teams results.

Liz and David were runners up in Saturday’s National Mixed Swiss Pairs event, Mixed Swiss Pairs results.

Stirling Pairs

The Stirling Pairs event was won by Bill Ross & Ray Gallacher (62.86%) with the East’s George Plant & Jake Corry runners up on 59.16%.

Silver prize went to John Salter & Michael hamilton, with Robert Clow and Anthony Bates runners up. Bronze winners were Robert Dickson & Nicol Taylor, with Anne & Ross Torkington seond.

Full Stirling Pairs results.

Rayne Cup Final

Brian Short, Les Steel, John Matheson and Dave Walker - winners of the Rayne Cup in Dundee on 12th January, with 163VP. Runners up on 147 were Anne Symons, Shelia Adamson, Fiona McQuaker and Yvonne Wiseman.

Rayne Cup Final results

Camrose Weekend 1

The Scottish team for the first Camrose weekend in Belfast on 4-6 January 2013 was John Matheson & Iain Sime, Alex Wilkinson & Phil Stephens and Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin — NPC Malcolm Cuthbertson. Plenty work to done in the second weekend in Co. Meath, with the Scots sitting 32 behind leaders England.

NIBU Results site

Melville End of Year Congress

The Congress Teams was won by Iain Macintyre, Paul Maiolani, Tim McKay & Derek Sanders (171 IMPs), runners up on 145 were Jake Corry, David Liggat, Liz McGowan & David Weir.

The Congress Swiss Pairs was won by Alan Goodman & Andrew Symons (79 VP), runners up on 77 were David Liggat & Liz McGowan.

Friday’s Open Pairs was won by Tim McKay & Jake Corry (60.16%).

Edinburgh Congress Trophy & Rayne Qualifier

The Edinburgh Congress Trophy (and Rayne Cup Qualifier) has been won by Les Steel, John Matheson, Brian Short and Dave Walker (145), with Derek Sanders, Jack Paterson, Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin runners up (142).

Full results table

Junior Internationals

Well done to Jenny Middleton and Olivia Bailey, who will represent Scotland in the Peggy Bayer lineup (16-17 February), as will Jun Nakamaru-Pinder (c) & Stewart Pinkerton, Calum Stout & Tom Browning.

The Junior Camrose lineup will be Phil Morrison & Frazer Morgan, Yvonne & Ralph Wiseman, Iain Graham & Jake Milne.

Lady Milne

Preparations continue for the East’s hosting of this year’s Lady Milne event. The teams have now been announced: Scotland will have Anne Symons & Sheila Adamson, Sam Punch & Liz McGowan, Laura Porro & Catherine Gerrard (npc Brian Short). The SBU team will comprise Veronica Guy & Laura Middleton, Cathy Ferguson & Michele Gladstone, Maida Grant & Sheila Macdonald (npc Alan Goodman). April 12-14 at the Novotel at Edinburgh Park.

ED Swiss Pairs won by Tim McKay and David Weir

Swiss Pairs winners 2012 The Swiss Pairs is a red pointed East District Swiss Pairs Championship, and was won on Sunday 25 November by Tim McKay & David Weir on 109 VP with Robert Clow & Troy van de l'Isle runners up (and Silver Prize winners) with 94.

Bronze winners were Jun Nakamaru-Pinder & Jake Corry (73).

Full Swiss Pairs results | Ranks and wins table.

Silver winners Bronze winners

Photos by Norma Bain.

ED Sim Pairs

Now rescored, congratulations again to Kenny Watson & Alex Shields from Peebles (+95.67). The next places both went to Melville pairs – Alan Robertson & Fiona Lawson runners up (+63.0) and Yvonne Wiseman & Iain Sime third (+62.0).

Full Sim Pairs results.

Local heat winners were as follows:

The event is Butler scored over the field, but clubs can score their own heats in any way they please.

Ranked Individual ED Qualifiers

Fairlie (for District Masters), Shenkin (Masters and Senior Masters) and Harrison (Scottish, National, Life and Grand Masters)

Our District Heats for these Red Pointed events took place on Wednesday October 31st at the Melville BC. The finals are at the Carlton on May 26th 2013. ED heat results to follow as soon as practical.

Cowan Cup heat results

Liggat & McGowan win the McGregor Cup

The McGregor Cup is the East District S Pairs Championship, and was won on Friday 16 November by David Liggat & Liz McGowan with 65.45%. Anne Symons & Brian Short were runners up on 64.10% and eleven year old Kath Dempsie in third place with 58.48% playing with Derek Sanders, who also brought along several of his other students to savour the occasion. Hazel Brown & Ashutosh Dalvi won the No Fears prize with 49.51%.

Bronze winners were Heather & Peter Braid (52.44%) with a second bronze prize given to Marion Dick & David McGrouter (49.95%) since they had a higher score than the top silver ranked pair.

Full McGregor Cup results | Score Cards.

Ranked Pairs

Fairlie won by Lucia Barrett & June Morrison

Bowman won by John Hamilton & Mike Smith, Ying Piper & Tony Wilkinson second

Arthur — Alan Goodman & John Murdoch 2nd — won by Clive Owen & Brian Senior

Diamond Pairs

Congratulations to Iain Sime & John Murdoch, winners of the Diamond Senior Pairs on 14th October.

Carlton Congress

Carlton Pairs winners 2012 Congratulations to Lilian Flett & Jane Richings, winners of the Congress Pairs at the Carlton Congress on 14th October.

Carlton Congress Pairs results.

Carlton Teams winners 2012Congratulations to Irene Sime, David Kaye, Mike Baron & Andrew Muir, winners of the Congress Teams at the same event.

Carlton Congress Teams results. Silver went to Jane Carnegie, Julia Palmer, Andrew Carnegie & Rona Moss, and Bronze to Helen MacNeill, Elizabeth Henderson, Sheila Logan & Naomi McMahon.

ED Novice Teams

The East District Novice Teams League has been running over the summer, with a view to encouraging a possible 6th Division in the Leagues, especially for inexperienced players.

The winners are the Lost Causes having won four of their five matches. The winning team is composed of Tony Barnett & Clare Douglas, Elspeth Burnside & Ian Fraser, and Hazel Brown & Ashutok Dalvi. Special mention should also go to Passed Out for their amazing aggregate score.

Final results matrix

Dunbar Congress

Skateraw teams winners 2012 Jack Taylor Pairs winners 2012

Congratulations to Keith Youngs and Irene Sime, winners of the Jack Taylor Pairs competition at the Dunbar Congress, with Maurice Brady & Geraldine Girvan runners up. Inger Banks and Ingrid Elgsaas.

The Skateraw Teams event was won by Archie Leith, Pam Leith, June Morrison & Simon Muir. Runners up were Jane Stephenson, Gill Colston, Ritchie Thompson and Liz Barr. In third, Irene Sime, Keith Youngs, Anne Perkins and Fiona Greenwood.

Dunbar Bridge Club web site.

Skateraw teams runners up 2012 Jack Taylor Pairs runners up 2012 Skateraw teams 3rd 2012 Jack Taylor Pairs 3rd 2012

Photos by Norma Bain.

Faie Rosebowl

Iain Sime, Faie Rosebowl winner 2012 The Faie individual, Sunday 16th September, in the Carlton.

The event was won by Iain Sime, with Jake Corry and Andy Philip joint second.

Final Faie ranking. The full results and stats are available on the Carlton website.

ED v Borders match

The annual East District Select v Borders match took place in Lauder on Friday evening and again was a great success enjoyed by everyone. Again the outcome was a win for the ED team, by about 800 after the handicap adjustment. Special congratulations to the ED pairs at tables 11 and 12, who both recorded “match winning scores” - Norma Bain, Judy Pearson, Catriona Gardiner and Jane Harper.

Isle of Man Congress

Congratulations to Julia Palmer on finishing runner up in the Isle of Man Congress Pairs event (playing with Jim Hay).

Watson Trophy

The Watson Trophy is the East District Teams of Four Championship, and has been won by Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Anne Symons & Alan Goodman (173) from Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, Paul Maiolani & Ian Patrick (166) with Derek Sanders, Derek Diamond, Sam Punch, Stephen Peterkin third on 152.

Full Watson matrix

World Bridge Games

Sweden have won the 14th World Bridge Games in Lille, beating Poland in the final. The Women’s Series was won by England, beating Russia in the final.

Best Scottish performance came in the Women’s event, qualifying as runners up behind the Russians before going out in the Round of 16 to France. Scotland finished 12th in their Open group stage, with the Senior team also 12th.

NEBA Match

The annual East District versus NEBA match took place at the weekend.

The "A" Team narrowly lost by 2 IMPS, however the "B" team won by the same margin.

The winning team comprised Veronica Guy & Laura Middleton, John Hamilton & Fiona Lawson, Jake Corry & Kryzstof Nguyen, and Julia Palmer & Anne Perkins.

SBU Summer Congress

Results from Peebles Summer Congress.

The main teams final was won by Alan Goodman, Brian Short and Mike Ash, playing with Chris Chambers from England. Runners up were Les Steel, Roy Bennett, Sam Punch and Tim Rees.

Runners up in the main Pairs final behind Alan Mould & Raymond Semp were Iain Sime and Fiona McQuaker, with Anna St Clair/ Eric Nolf third alongside Julia Palmer and Nigel Wolfendale. The Consolation Teams was won by Laura Middleton, William Hawkins, Veronica Guy and Moray Jeffrey. Swiss Pairs won by Derek Sanders and Stephen Peterkin, with Jake Corry and Troy van de l'Isle third.

The Swiss Teams was won by John Matheson, Chris Duckworth, Brian Callaghan & Trish Matheson, and two ED teams were in a tie for 3rd place: Fiona Greenwood with Carolyn Peploe +2, and Anne Perkins, Irene Sime, Shelagh Lorimer, and Julia Palmer.



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ED Trophy Winners 2012-13

Allan Flitch

Archie & Pam Leith

Atholl Cup

Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Harry Smith, Finlay Marshall

Atholl Cup Plate

Sandy Kirkwood, Ken Tait, Robin Martn, Derick McIntosh

Cowan Cup

Tim McKay & Keith Youngs

Edinburgh Congress Trophy

Les Steel, John Matheson, Brian Short, Dave Walker

Faie Rosebowl

Iain Sime

Freddie Short Quaich

Finlay Marshall & Harry Smith

Hunter Cup

Robert Clow, Eric Nolf, Anthony Bates, Tim McKay

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McGregor Cup

David Liggat & Liz McGowan

MacLaren Cup


Men’s Teams

Iain Sime, Jack Paterson, John Matheson, John Murdoch, Derek Sanders and Stephen Peterkin

Next Step

Christian Boorman & Aileen Brannan

No Fear

Holli & Steven Mast

Sim Pairs

Kenny Watson & Alex Shields

Swiss Pairs

Tim McKay & David Weir

Watson Trophy

Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Anne Symons, Alan Goodman

Women’s Teams

Liz McGowan, Sam Punch, Anne Symons and Sheila Adamson


Berwick Congress

Teams: Catriona Gardiner, Jane Harper, Elizabeth Peckham and Jane Miller

Pairs: Phil Stephens & Martin Stephens

Carlton Congress

Teams: Archie Leith, Pam Leith, June Morrison, Simon Muir

Pairs: Lilian Flett & Jane Richings

Dunbar Congress

Teams: Irene Sime, David Kaye, Mike Baron & Andrew Muir

Pairs: Keith Youngs, Irene Sime

Kelso Congress

Teams: Bett & Norman Morrison, Margaret & Ian Morton

Pairs: Bett & Norman Morrison

Dunfermline Congress

Melville Congress

Teams: Derek Sanders, Tim McKay, Iain Macintyre, Paul Maiolani

Swiss Pairs: Alan Goodman & Andrew Symons

Representative Matches

Borders v East District

East District

NEBA v East District

NEBA ("A" Match), East District ("B" Match"