Highlights of Season 2009-10

East District

Watson Trophy

Watson WinnersThe East District Teams of Four event as usual launched the tournament season at the Melville Bridge Club on Sunday 20th September.

In a close match the winners were Falkirk's Jim Power, Alec Hamilton, Harry Mahoney & Brendan Clark with a VP total of 206, one ahead of Iain Sime, Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker and John Matheson. The Silver prize was won by Fiona Greenwood, Robert Clow, Anna St. Clair & Troy van de l'Isle with a score of 170.

Final Results List. The hand records are available.

Dee Harley wins the Faie RosebowlFaie Rosebowl

The District's Individual tournament took place on Sunday 11th October. The winner was Dee Harley (pictured), with Tim McKay runner up. Full Faie Results are available.

ED Simultaneous Pairs

This popular sim event took place on Monday 2 November throughout the district and was won by Steve and Chris Whiteford (Biggar) by clear water from John and Merle Morgan, also from Biggar.

The scores are in IMPs, the odd totals being due to the different number of boards played in the 7 heats. Full results

Edinburgh Congress Trophy & Rayne Cup Qualifier

The Edinburgh Congress Trophy/ Rayne Cup qualifier is a multiple teams of four event over two nights - run on 25 November and 2 December at the Melville BC.

Winners on the night and therefore Edinburgh Congress Trophy winners were Sime, Home, Dragic & Duncan(138) from Greenwood, St Clair, Clow, van de l'Isle & Bates (135). Third were Short, Paterson, McGowan & Mathieson (133) and fourth Adamson, Cuthbertson, Liggat & Bennett (131). The heat winners went on to finish 4rd in the National Final on 3rd January.

Full Edinburgh Congress Trophy matrix.

Swiss Pairs

Winners of the Swiss PairsThe "Shark Free" Swiss Pairs took place on Sunday 29th November.

The winners were Ying Piper & Tony Wilkinson (98 VP) from Keith Youngs & John O'Connor (97) and Peter Moss & George Plant (93). Fourth were Ian Hunter & Irene Hunter (90).

The Silver Prize placings were as follows: 1. Laura Porro & Alexis Hood (89), 2. Robert Clow & Troy van de l'Isle (86), 3. Laura Middleton & Lucia Barrett (81).

Bronze Prize placings: 1. Gill Colston & Trina Rogerson (89), 2. Julia Palmer & Claire Hargan (76), 3. Liz Elsden & Earl McGregor (75).

Full Swiss Pairs Results.

Liz McGowan and David LiggatMcGregor Cup

The Mixed Pairs Trophy took place on Friday 4th December. A big turnout off 44 pairs saw Liz McGowan & David Liggat (pictured) emerge victorious. Runners up were Brian Short & Anne Martin with defending champions Derrick Peden and Julia Palmer third. Reg & Diana Drysdale won the Silver Prize, with Anthony Bates & Anna St. Clair lifting the Bronze Award.

Full McGregor Cup ranking

Rayne Cup Final

The Rayne Cup FInal in Dundee on Sunday 3rd January was won by Sam Punch, Veronica Guy, Mike Ash & Stephen Peterkin by 17VP. The East District heat winners of Sime, Home, Dragic & Duncan finished third a further 23VP back, with the other East representive team of Greenwood, St. Clair, Clow & van de l'Isle lower down the rankings. Full results are on the SBU site.

Stirling Pairs

The Stirling Pairs on Sunday was won by Joan Mercer & Andrew Philip, from Roy Bennett & Harry Smith, with Laura Middleton & William Hawkins in third place. The Silver Prize went to Jim Forsyth & Jim McMahon, and the Bronze Prize to Claire Hargan & Julia Palmer. Full Stirling Pairs results.

Cowan Cup

Winners of the Cowan Cup 2010Congratulations to Fiona Lawson & John Hamilton (pictured), runners up last year but winners of the Cowan Cup Final this time round. The final was on Saturday 23rd January 2010 at the Carlton Bridge Centre. Runners up were Brian Short & Dave Walker and third were Iain Sime & Patrick Home. The Bronze prize was won by Robin & Jan Sharp.

More detailed results are available at the Carlton website.

No Fear & Next Step Pairs

Carlton Bridge Centre on Saturday 27th February. Winners (No Fear) were Donald & Alex Sutherland on 65.42%, with Kirsty Beaton & Lucy Hunter runners up despite a good score of 62.92%. Full No Fear results.

Winners (Next Step) were Irene & Graeme Scott (NS 58.10%) and tying for the EW honours were Catherine Jordan & Ian Somerville and Alan Lafferty & Patricia Gray (59.26%). Full Next Step results.

Complete stats for the No Fear and Next Step are available on the Carlton's website.

Allan Flitch Trophy

Andy & Jan Phillip were the winners. Reg & Diana Drysdale runners-up. Full Allan Flitch Rankings.

Hunter Cup

Congratulations to the winning lineup of Derek Sanders, Derek Diamond, Brian Spears & John Murdoch (191VP). Runners up were Dee harley, Eric Nolf, Derrick Peden & Malcolm McCardle, tying on 155VP with Alex Adamson, Sheila Adamson, Ross Woodburn & Roy Bennett.

The Silver prize was won by Anna St. Clair, Anthony Bates, Robert Clow & Fiona Greenwood (129VP).

Full Hunter Cup results.

PhotoMen's Teams

The Men's Teams event was won by David Liggat, Roy Bennett, Mike Ash & Alan Goodman (64), with the runners up Anthony Bates, Troy van de l'Isle, Robert Clow & Archie Bouverie. Full details.

Liz McGowan and Fiona McQuakerLadies' Teams

The Ladies' Teams event has been won by Carolyn Peploe, Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Veronica Guy & Christine Walker (120), with the runners up Jennu McCartney, Pam Leith, Judith Louch and Pam Mackie. The Bronze prize was won by Mary Grant, Liz Barr, Gill Colston and Trina Rogerson. Full details.

Iain SimeAtholl Cup

The Atholl Cup Pivot Teams event was won by Iain Sime (pictured), Patrick Home, Simon Gillam & George Wood, who beat Fiona McQuaker's team by 49 imps over 36 boards, mainly from the final stanza, so a close match overall.

MacLaren Cup - CraigleithMacLaren Cup Final

The final of the Knockout Teams tournament on Monday 26 April was won by Craigleith (Donald Denoon, pictured), who conceded a handicap of 2700 to Waverley but prevailed by around 3000 points to take the trophy. Congratulations to all at Craigleith.

League Winners & Losers

Winners of Division 1 for the first time in over a decade were Dundas (pictured are Archie Bouverie and Fiona McQuaker receiving the trophy), with 49ers runners up and maintaining their record of being in the top two every year since the turn of the century. Losers and facing relegation were Phoenix and Linlithgow, who face their first term in Divison 2 since 2004 while Grosvenor Aces managed to stay up after last season’s success.

PhotoDivision 2 saw Dunfermline A and Falkirk B promoted to the top flight, so two Falkirk sides in Division 1 for the first time this century next season. Going straight back down to Three again are Gosford (previously Longniddry A) and Dunfermline B.

In Division 3, winners were Falcon and Marmion B from North Berwick, who both return to Division 2 after a brief hiatus. Longniddry Bees slip down to the Fourth after back to back promotions, and are joined by the Melville's Orion.

Division 4 was won by Kelso, and they are joined in Div 3 by West Calder. Both sides will be entering the unknown having not played at that level for many years. Going the other way are Randolph (second straight demotion for them) and Dunbar, who were just unable to survive in their first term in the division.

Division 5 saw Gullane bounce back up, though after the loss of Hawks minor reorganisation meant the runners up (Brave Knaves) were not promoted on this occasion.

League Tables

All Results


Peggy Bayer

Scotland won the Peggy Bayer (Yvonne Wiseman, Ralph Wiseman, Jun Pinder, Abigail Wilson, Stuart Bradnam, Stephen Rose, David McCrossan npc) and Junior Camrose (Alex Wilkinson, Phillip Stephens, Gyles Ellison, Frazer Morgan, Jim Power npc) trophies.

Lady Milne

The Lady Milne trophy was won by the EBU with Scotland (Veronica Guy, Sam Punch, Sheila Adamson, Anne Symons nee Martin, Maida Grant, Sheila Macdonald) 3rd equal.

Camrose in Edinburgh

Scotland v England The East District hosted the first weekend of the Camrose at the weekend, at Novotel Edinburgh Park. Many thanks to everyone who gave their time and expertise to make the event such a success. Thanks also to everyone who came along to watch the bridge in the VuGraph Theatre.

Camrose 2010Scotland beat the Republic of Ireland and Wales, but lost to England and both teams from Northern Ireland - ending up a bit off the pace on 71VP, behind Wales on 78, England on 99 and the Republic of Ireland who just took the first weekend honours with 100.

National SBU events

Here are the highlights of the national tournament scene from an East District perspective.

Iain Sime & Patrick Home won the National Pairs.

Dee Harley, Alan Goodman, Derek Sanders & James McGeorge won the Edwin Berry.

Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Alex Adamson & Roy Bennett won the Winter Fours.

Sam Punch & Alan Goodman won the Bowman Pairs.

Anne Symons & Brian Short won the Farquharson Magazine Subscriber's Pairs.

Joan Mercer & Andy Philip won the Stirling Pairs.

Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Maida Grant & Sheila MacDonald won the Women's Teams.

Brian Short, Fiona McQuaker, Malcolm Cuthbertson & Sheila Adamson won the Mixed Swiss Teams.

Jim McDowall won the Shenkin Individual Trophy for Master ranked players.

Grant Harrower & Jean Bidwell won the Fairlie Pairs.

The Hugh Kelsey Trophy for players in classes was won by Clare Douglas & Alex Brown.

Les Steel, Dave Walker, James McGeorge & Derek Sanders were runners up in the Scottish Cup, while Fiona Greenwood, Anna St Clair, Anthony Bates & Troy van de l'Isle were runners up in the Scottish Plate.

Fiona Lawson, John Hamilton, Brian Short & Dave Walker were finalists in the Spence Cup.

Gold Cup

The East team of Iain Sime, John Matheson, Derek Sanders & Bif McGeorge went out in the semi final of the Gold Cup at Peebles at the weekend, after a good win over Janet de Botton's team in the Quarter Final. The event was won by Alfrey, Robson, Forrester, Bakshi et al.


Retiring treasurer Jim HerbertTreasurer Jim Herbert stood down at the end of the season, to be replaced by Sandy Kirkwood. Here is is presented with a thank you gift from the retiring Chair of the East District, Liz McGowan. Mike Ash will fill this role in the coming season.


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Trophy Winners 2009-10

Allan Flitch

Andy & Jan Phillip

Atholl Cup

Iain Sime, Patrick Home, George Wood & Simon Gillam

Cowan Cup

Fiona Lawson & John Hamilton

Edinburgh Congress Trophy

Iain Sime, Patrick Home, Miro Dragic & Sandy Duncan

ED Swiss Pairs

Ying Piper & Tony Wilkinson

ED Sim Pairs

Steve & Chris Whiteford (Biggar)

Faie Rosebowl

Dee Harley

Hunter Cup

Derek Sanders, Derek Diamond, Brian Spears & John Murdoch

Leagues (Teams of 8)

Div 1: Dundas
Div 2: Dunfermline A
Div 3: Falcon
Div 4: Kelso
Div 5: Gullane

McGregor Cup

Liz McGowan & David Liggat

MacLaren Cup


Men's Teams

David Liggat, Roy Bennett, Mike Ash & Alan Goodman

Next Step

Irene & Graeme Scott (NS), Catherine Jordan & Ian Somerville (EW, tie), Alan Lafferty & Patricia Gray (EW, tie)

No Fear

Donald & Alex Sutherland

Watson Trophy

Jim Power, Alex Hamilton, Harry Mahoney, Brendan Clark

Women's Teams

Carolyn Peploe, Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Veronica Guy, Christine Walker


Berwick Congress

Pairs: Malcolm McCardle & Derrick Peden

Teams: Jean Mole, Reg Drysdale, Ros French & Diana Drysdale

Carlton Congress

Pairs: Eliabeth Peckham & Richard Dennis

Teams: Elizabeth Peckham, Richard Dennis, Betty Blake, Clare Gray

Dunfermline Congress


Dunbar Congress

Pairs: Archie & Pam Leith

Teams: Keith Youngs, John O'Connor, Andy Jamieson, John Hamilton

Kelso Congress


Representative Matches

Borders v East District

East District