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Results Pages

  • Allan Flitch Prize Winners

    The  Allan Flitch took place on Saturday 13th February and we had 2 pairs at the top of the leader board who couldnt be separated so the trophy will be shared.
    The prize winners are as follows 

    1st : Gill  and David Simmons  and Jane and Andrew Carnegie 
    Silver : Peter and Heather Braid
    B3/4: Jenni and Stewart Morris
    B1/2: Murray Forgie and Stewart Simpson

    They will all find BBO$ prizes have been placed in their BBO accounts.  Well done to all of them

  • ED Bronze Challenge Winners

    The prize winners in the ED Bronze Challenge Pairs which took place on Friday 5th February are as follows :

    1st Place               David Wilbraham and Hazel Rutherford
    2nd Place             Sheila Fell and Joe Fell
    3rd Place              Kendal Knight and Margaret Dow
    B3/4 winners     Cornelius Meehan and Paul Rideout
    B1/2 winners     Joan Cargill and Jane Guthrie

    They will all find BBO$ prizes have been placed in their BBO accounts
    Well done to all of them


  • ED Bronze X-imp Pairs Winners

    Full results are here, congratulations are due to 

    1 Adrian Eastwood & Kay Robertson +44.14 IMPS
    2 Richard Leeson & Denis Higginbotham +34.00 IMPS

    1 Anne & Brian Monaghan +50.14 IMPS
    2 Ian Barnes & Norman Stewart +15.29 IMPS

    Please keep checking the website for details of forthcoming East District Online events


  • Inaugural ED MP Pairs on BBO

    Results are here -  winners were Duncan MacDonald/ Nicol Taylor NS and Paul Gipson/ Penelope Davidson EW.

  • NEBA 2020 Results

    NEBA won the A match online on 5th July 2020. ED won the B match  - full results at the foot of the Berwick BC results page.

    The Berwick Club is the traditional host of the SBU East District against the North East Bridge Association (NEBA) match.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic a shortened event was held on Bridge Base Online on Sunday 5 July.

    NEBA A 60-32 East District A (scorecardtravellerscross imping)

    NEBA B 36-64 East District B (scorecardtravellerscross imping)

  • Atholl Cup Plate 2020 won by Goodman, Short, Symons & Gipson

    The final of the Atholl Plate took place on 24th April 2020 on BBO between team Smith (Harry Smith, Glen Falconer, Bob McPaul, Roy Bennett) and team Goodman (Alan Goodman, Brian Short, Anne Symons, Paul Gipson).  36 boards were played – lots of interesting hands – and team Goodman emerged winners by 78 – 45.

    The finalists of the Atholl Cup are now known as team Freimanis beat team McKinnon in the second semi final last Sunday.  The final will therefore be between Freimanis and McKay but not sure when as one of the McKay team doesn’t play online.

  • Allan Flitch 2020 won by David & Wendy Chambers

    David & Wendy Chambers - Flitch winners 2020

    Married Couple pairs at the New Melville on 15 February 2020.

    Results on Melville website

    David & Wendy Chambers - Flitch winners 2020Heather & Peter Braid - Silver winners
  • Bronze Challenge Pairs 2020 won by Jane & Andrew Carnegie

    Bronze Challenge Pairs won by Jane & Andrew Carnegie

    Saturday 1st February 2020, Carlton.

    Results (PDF).  Full Results on bridgewebs.

    Congratulations to Jane and Andrew Carnegie, winners of the Bronze Challenge. Runners up were Allan Ainslie and Ian McLaren, with Katharine Bailey and Mandy Aberdour third.

    Bronze Challenge Pairs won by Jane & Andrew CarnegieRunners Up Allan Ainslie & Ian McLarenTop Bronze 1 Pair - Anne McFarlane & Debbie WrightTop Bronze 2 Pair - Niall & Bryn TennantTop Bronze 3/4 Pair -  Mandy Aberdour & Katharine Bailey (presentation by Anne Perkins)


  • Jesner-Johnston 2019 won by David and Wendy Chambers

    Winners - David and Wendy Chambers

    Sunday 24th October 2019, Carlton.



    National & Heat Winners - David and Wendy Chambers2nd - David and Gill SimmonsBest placed B2 - Julia Campbell and Robert Hickling
  • ED Swiss Pairs 2019 won by Anne Young & David Houston

    The Swiss Pairs event was won by Anne Young and David Houston.ED Swiss Pairs

    Sunday 17th October 2019, Carlton.


    The Swiss Pairs event was won by Anne Young and David Houston.Runners up were Irene Sime and Bronwyn McWhiney.Third were Hazel Brown and Clare Douglas.


  • Thea Teale Pairs 2019 won by Tadeusz Janowksi & Gosia Rozman

    Malgorzata Rosman & Tadeusz Janowski, winners of the 2019 Thea Teale Bronze PairsMalgorzata Rosman & Tadeusz Janowski, heat & overall winners of the 2019 Thea Teale Bronze Pairs National EventMaurice Franceschi & Clare Douglas, heat runners up in the Thea Teale Bronze ParsStewart Green & Jonathan Gibson, heat bronze 1/2 winners


  • Watson Trophy 2019 won by Bob McPaul, Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay, Derrick Peden

    Winners of the East District Congress Teams were Bob McPaul, Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay and Derrick Peden

    The East District Congress Teams event held at the New Melville on Sunday 20 October 2019.

    Watson Results

    Winners of the East District Congress Teams were Bob McPaul, Sandy Duncan, Jim Hay and Derrick PedenRunnersup were Harry Smith, Brian Short, Alan Goodman and Roy BennettThird were Fiona Greenwood, Julia Palmer, Liz McGowan and David LiggatSilver prize won by Jane Stephenson, Dilys Gellatly, Bronwyn McWhinney and Jean Newport


  • Chalmers Trophy 2019 won by Douglas Piper & Miro Dragic

    Winners were Douglas Piper and Miro Dragic

    The East District Swiss Pairs event at the New Melville on Saturday 19 October 2019 was won by Douglas Piper and Miro Dragic.

    Chalmers Results Winners were Douglas Piper and Miro DragicRunnersup were Fiona Greenwood and Julia PalmerJoint 3rd were Diana Drysdale and Joan Forsyth, with Helen Wood and Earl McGregorSilver prize was won by Liam O'Brien and Jake Milne


  • McGregor Cup 2019 won by Veronica Guy & Peter Moss

    McGregor Cup Winners: Veronica Guy and Peter Moss

    The East District Congress Mixed Pairs event held the New Melville on Friday 18 October 2019.

    McGregor Results

    McGregor Cup Winners: Veronica Guy and Peter MossMcGregor Cup Runnersup: Fiona Greenwood and Troy van de l'IsleMcGregor Cup Silver Prize: Margaret McCallum and David RipleyMcGregor Cup Bronze Prize: Rob Hicking and Sue Campbell
  • Faie Rosebowl 2019 won by Troy van de l'Isle

    Troy van de l'Isle, Faie Rosebowl 2019

    Congratulations to Troy van de l'Isle, winner of the Faie on Sunday 15 September 2019 at the Carlton (Results).

    Troy van de l'Isle, Faie Rosebowl 2019Edward Clutton, runner up, Faie Rosebowl 2019
  • East Wins both NEBA 2019 Trophies

    The East District reclaimed both NEBA trophies on 5 July 2019.

    The A Team won by 76 imps - Patrick Home, Finlay Marshall, Derrick Peden, Iain Sime, Paul Gipson, Fiona McQuaker, Sandy Duncan and Jim Hay.

  • Atholl Cup Plate 2019 won by Smith, Bennett, Adamson & Falconer

    The 2019 Atholl Cup Plate has been won by Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Alex Adamson and Glen Falconer.

    Runners up were David and Wendy Chambers, David Nisbet and Ian Thompson.

  • Atholl Cup 2019 won by Liz McGowan

    Liz McGowan beat Alan Goodman in the Atholl Cup Final of 2019 by 3 imps after 36 boards. Goodman had a small lead after the first 2 stanzas winning both by a small margin. The last set of 10 boards were apparently a bit wild with big swings both ways.

    Liz's team was David Liggat, Tim McKay and Peter Moss.

    Goodman and McGowan beat Sime and Home respectively in the semifinals.

  • MacLaren Cup 2019 won by Grosvenor Aces

    Congratulations to Grosvenor Aces who won the 2019 MacLaren Cup for Teams of Eight last week. Runners up were the cup holders (2 seasons in a row) Renaissance.

  • Women's Teams 2019 won by Guy, Barrett, Moss & Middleton

    Winners of the Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase 2019 by a comfortable margin were Veronica Guy, Lucia Barrett, Rona Moss and Laura Middleton. 


  • Senior Teams 2019 won by Sime, Murdoch, McPaul & Wilkinson

    The 26th March 2019 Senior Teams event  was won by Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Bob McPaul and Tony Wilkinson. 

    Teams Results at the Carlton website.



  • Senior Pairs 2019 won by Jim Hay & Derrick Peden

    Congratulations to Jim Hay & Derrick Peden, winners of the Freddy Short Quaich for Senior Pairs. on 26th March 2019. 

    Results at the Carlton website.

  • Cowan Cup 2019 won by Mike Ash & Sandy Duncan

    The East District Premier Pairs Competition was won by Mike Ash and Sandy Duncan on 10th March 2019. 

    Full results.

  • Allan Flitch 2019 won by Cheryl & Dave Duddell

    The Married Couples Pairs event on 16th February 2019 has been won by Cheryl and Dave Duddell. 

    Results at the Melville site.

  • Bronze Pairs 2019 won by Tony Houghton and Nicola Corbyn

    Congratulations to Tony Houghton and Nicola Corbyn, who won the Bronze Pairs Challenge at the Carlton on 2nd February 2019.



  • McGregor Cup 2018 won by Liz McGowan and David Liggat

    Congratulations to Liz McGowan and David Liggat, who won the McGregor Cup on 23rd November 2018 at the Melville (trophy presentation by Anne Perkins).


  • ED Sim Pairs 2018 won by Anne Perkins & Fiona Greenwood

    Congratulations to Anne Perkins and Fiona Greenwood, who have won this year's Simultaneous Pairs on 5th November 2018.

  • Edinburgh Congress Trophy 2018 won by McGowan,  Sime, Murdoch, Piper

    Edinburgh Congress Trophy for Rayne qualifier – Liz McGowan,  Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Douglas Piper

  • ED Sim Pairs 2017 won by Catherine Hepburn & Margaret Ross

    The East District Sim Pairs event on 6th November 2017 was this year as a Match Pointed Pairs event. Heats in Berwick, Dunfermline, Carlton, New Melville, Jedburgh, Peebles.

    The final Top 10 is now confirmed as follows:

    • 1. Catherine Hepburn & Margaret Ross (Carlton) 65.75%
    • 2. Valerie Barnes & Evelyn Baird (Peebles) 65.57%
    • 3. Elisabeth von Breitenbuch & Alex Shields (Peebles) 65.48%
    • 4. Gary McGinley & Gordon Finch (Peebles) 61.64%
    • 5. Sandy Moor & Brian Griffihs (Berwick) 61.32%
    • 6. Keith Youngs & Tim McKay (New Melville) 59.67%
    • 7. Mike Baron & Jane Stephenson (Carlton) 59.59%
    • 8. Ann Delaney & Kathleen Marr (Carlton) 58.98%
    • 9. Willie Wilkinson & Robin Bauld (Peebles) 58.66%
    • 10.= Ros French & Diana Drysdale (Berwick) 58.33%
    • 10.= Julia Palmer & Rona Moss (New Melville) 58.33%

    Top Dunfermline pair were Jane Carnegie & Gill Simmons (56.73%);

  • Thea Teale Pairs 2018 won by Tom Bagnall & Malgorzata Rozman

    Congratulations to Tom Bagnall and Malgorzata Rozman, winners of the 2018 National Thea Teale Bronze Pairs event - results are at eCats.

    David and Shona Anderson were runners up, with Sarinder Singh and Jim Mowat sixth.

  • Watson Trophy 2018 won by Joyce Benson, Martin Diamond, David Shenkin, Alistair Gordon

    We introduced a Red Pointed weekend at the Melville on 1st and 2nd September 2018, incorporating and expanding on the Watson Trophy for Teams.

    Congratulations to Joyce Benson, Martin Diamond, David Shenkin and Alistair Gordon, who won the Watson Teams trophy on 2nd September 2018. 

    Full Watson results at Melville site.

    Runners up were Derek Sanders, Alex Adamson, John Murdoch and Iain Sime, and with the top Silver pair in 3rd - Jane Stephenson, Rosemary McKinnel, Rose Simpson and Kathy Whaler, the Silver prize was awarded to Peter Cairns, Jim McLaughlin, Shirish Chotai and Les Verth. Bronze winners were Ian & Sue Campbell, David Nisbet and Ian Thomson.

  • Chalmers Trophy 2018 won by Bob McPaul & Sandy Duncan

    Congratulations to Bob McPaul and Sandy Duncan, winners of the newly launched ED Swiss Pairs event for the Chalmers Cup on 1st September 2018. 

    Full Chalmers results at Melville site.

  • Senior Pairs 2018 won by Harry Smith & Finlay Marshall

    Harry Smith & Finlay Marshall won the Freddie Short Quaich (East District Senior Pairs) at the Carlton on Tuesday 27 March 2018.  

    Runners up were Cathy Ferguson and Bob McKinnon.

    Bronze 3/4: Norman Cooper, Kenny Hunter

    Bronze 1/2: Sue & Ian Campbell

  • East loses 2018 NEBA Matches

    The annual match between the East District and the North East Bridge Association is a teams of eight match typically held in Berwick-upon-Tweed on the first Sunday in July.

    The Newcastle Journal Challenger Trophy is played for by the A teams and the B teams play for the Edinburgh Salver. Players are invited to represent the district and the B team usually has representatives from the lower division league teams.

    2018: The A team lost by 65-127 imps. The team was Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Brian Short, Fiona McQuaker, George Plant, Peter Moss, Fiona Lawson, and John Hamilton, while the B team lost by 81-122 imps. The team was Veronica Guy, Rona Moss, Elizabeth Peckham, Andrew Harborow, Moyra Forrest, Archie Docherty, Katharine Bailey, and David Hamilton.

  • Atholl Cup Plate 2018 won by Patrick Home, Archie Bouverie, Finlay Marshall, Alistair White.

    The Atholl Plate 2018 has been won by the team of Patrick Home, Archie Bouverie, Finlay Marshall & Alistair White.

    In the final they beat the team of Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, John Hamilton & Mike Smith.

  • Atholl Cup 2018 won by Alan Goodman

    Congratulations to Alan Goodman's team, who beat Harry Smith in the Atholl final by 99 to 66 over 36 boards.

  • Hunter Cup 2018 won by Ash, Dragic, Valentine, O'Brien

    New Melville, Sunday 27 May 2018.

    Hunter Cup 1st - Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Ronan Valentine, Liam O'Brien

    Hunter Cup 2nd - Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, George Plant, David Liggat

    Hunter Cup Silver - Catriona Gardiner, Jim Wilkinson, Linda Delworth, Neil Macpherson

    Hunter Cup Bronze - Athena Chow, David MacCallum, Tadeusz Janowski, Krzysztof Nguyen

  • Hunter Cup 2019 won by Smith, Bennett, McPaul & Gipson

    Winners of the Hunter Cup on 26th May 2019 were Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Bob McPaul and Paul Gipson. 


    Runners up were John Di Mambro, Dougie Mitchell, Tam Penman and Mark Menzies.

    Silver Prize Winners were Tadeusz Janowski, Krzysztof Nguyen, Andrew Muir and Geoff Bailey.

  • Bronze Challenge Teams 2018

    Athena Chow, Tadeusz Janowski, David MacCallum and Krzysztof Nguyen won the Bronze Challenge Teams at the New Melville on Saturday 26th May 2018.

    Top B3/4 were Andy Younger, Alan Roberts, Alison Millar and Mary Anderson.

    Top B2 were Chloe Farrell, John Russell, Loraine Findlay and Pam Warner.

    Top B1 were Joyce Clemie, Carolyn Girvan, Yvonne Elrick and Marge Gammie.

  • Jesner Trophy 2018 won by Tadeusz Janowski & Krzysztof Nguyen

    Tadeusz Janowski & Krzysztof Nguyen won the Jesner Trophy (for Masters). 

    The East heats of these two were held at the Carlton on Sunday 5th November 2017.  

  • Women's Teams 2018 won by Helen Gipson, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan, Olivia Bailey, Anne Symons, Helen Kane

    The Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase for the Women's Teams held at the New Melville on 18th and 25th April 2018 was won by Helen Gipson, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan, Olivia Bailey with Anne Symons and Helen Kane playing in the first week.

    Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Anne Symons, Helen Kane, Olivia Bailey, Helen Gipson.  Spirit was a late sub and apparently played a storming match. 

    Runners up were Fiona Greenwood, Sara Duncan, Athena Chow and Sheila Adamson, with Maggie Szymanska playing week 1.

  • Men's Teams 2018 won by Alan Goodman, Miro Dragic, Mike Ash, Paul Gipson and Brian Short

    The Charles Bowman Trophy for Men's Teams held at the New Melville on 18th and 25th April 2018 was won by Alan Goodman, Miro Dragic, Mike Ash, Paul Gipson and Brian Short in week 1.

    Runners up were Iain Sime, Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin, Alex Adamson with John Murdoch in week 1.

  • Thea Teale Bronze Pairs 2018 won by Keith & Ishbel Clark

    Won by Keith and Ishbel Clark, well done for finishing top of the combined national ranking for 2018!

    Heat runners up were Katharine Bailey and Amanda Aberdour.

    Allan Ainslie and David Houston were third.

    Fourth (and local Bronze 1 winners) were Athena Chow and David MacCallum.

    Local Bronze 3 winners Jane and Andrew Carnegie finished 5th. 

  • Cowan Cup 2018 Bronze Winners

    Sunday 11th March 2018 at the Carlton.

    Bronze 1&2

    Bronze 3&4

  • Cowan Cup 2018 won by Peden and McCardle


    Congratulations to Malcolm McCardle and Derrick Peden who won the Cowan Cup (East District Pairs Championship) on Sunday 11th March 2018 at the Carlton.

    Runners up were Liz McGowan and David Liggat.

  • Allan Flitch 2018 won by Heather & Peter Braid

    Peter and Heather Braid, winners of the Allan Flitch Trophy for married couples, held at the New Melville on Saturday 17th February 2018.


    Runners up were Sally and Alan Douglas.

    Third were David & Denise King.

    5th were Brian & Anne Monaghan

    7th were Mike & Ann Royden

  • Bronze Challenge Pairs 2018

    The Bronze Pairs event at the Carlton on Saturday 3rd February 2018 was a well attended event as always, 21 tables with abilities ranging from those starting out in classes to 3 Star masters. It was split into 3 sections. Liz McGowan prepared the hands and commentary for each of the sections, discussed the hands with entrants and kindly presented the prizes.

    Bronze 1: Michael Gray, Sandy Lyon

    Elizabeth Eckles and Kevin Palmer (who are in classes, well done!) were runners up.

    Bronze 2: David Nisbet, Ian Thomson

    This star master couple, David and Gill Simmons, won the B3 & 4.

    Alan Roberts and Andy Younger were runners up in B3/B4.

  • Edwin Berry 2018 won by Sime, Matheson, Home and Murdoch

    The Edwin Berry Swiss Teams at the Carlton in January 2018 was won by Iain Sime, John Matheson, Patrick Home and John Murdoch.

    Full details.

  • McGregor Cup 2017 won by John Hamilton & Fiona Lawson

    The McGregor Cup for Mixed Pairs held at the New Melville on 24th November 2017 was won by John Hamilton and Fiona Lawson.


    Runners up were Fiona McQuaker and Iain Sime.

    Silver winners were Anne Young and Alex Sutherland.

  • McGregor Cup 2018 Bronze Prize won by Andrew & Jane Carnegie

    The Bronze prizeat the The McGregor Cup for Mixed Pairs (held at the New Melville on 24th November 2017) was won by Andrew and Jane Carnegie.


  • Swiss Pairs 2017 Bronze prize won by Ken Blake & Douglas Buchanan


    The Swiss Pairs event held at the Carlton on 19th November 2017 was won by Ken Blake and Douglas Buchanan.


  • Swiss Pairs 2017 won by Andrew Harborow and Elizabeth Peckham

    The Swiss Pairs event held at the Carlton on 19th November 2017 was won by Andrew Harborow and Elizabeth Peckham.

    Runners up were jointly Troy van de l'Isle/ Robert Clow and Joan Forsyth/ Diana Drysdale (pictured).


    The Silver prize was won by Neil Macpherson and Linda Delworth.

    The Bronze prize was won by Ken Blake and Douglas Buchanan.

    Full results are on the Carlton site.

  • Bronze Individual 2018 won by Amanda Aberdour

    Amanda Aberdour won the bronze 1&2 individual at the Carlton on Sunday 17th September 2018.

  • Faie Rosebowl 2017 won by Rose Simpson

    The Faie Rosebowl was won by Rose Simpson at the Carlton on Sunday 17th September 2017.

  • Watson Trophy 2017 won by Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Sandy Duncan, Bob McPaul

    The Watson Trophy held at the New Melville on Sunday 10th September 2017 was won by Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Sandy Duncan and Bob McPaul.

    Charles Outred collects the pens on behalf of the Runners Up

    Silver: Pam Leith, Rona Moss, Sally Douglas, Alan Douglas

    The bronze prize was won by Anne Young, Norrie O’Neill, Tim Lambert and Robert Thornton