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  • ED Bronze Challenge Winners

    The prize winners in the ED Bronze Challenge Pairs which took place on Friday 5th February are as follows :

    1st Place               David Wilbraham and Hazel Rutherford
    2nd Place             Sheila Fell and Joe Fell
    3rd Place              Kendal Knight and Margaret Dow
    B3/4 winners     Cornelius Meehan and Paul Rideout
    B1/2 winners     Joan Cargill and Jane Guthrie

    They will all find BBO$ prizes have been placed in their BBO accounts
    Well done to all of them


  • ED Bronze X-imp Pairs Winners

    Full results are here, congratulations are due to 

    1 Adrian Eastwood & Kay Robertson +44.14 IMPS
    2 Richard Leeson & Denis Higginbotham +34.00 IMPS

    1 Anne & Brian Monaghan +50.14 IMPS
    2 Ian Barnes & Norman Stewart +15.29 IMPS

    Please keep checking the website for details of forthcoming East District Online events


  • Inaugural ED MP Pairs on BBO

    Results are here -  winners were Duncan MacDonald/ Nicol Taylor NS and Paul Gipson/ Penelope Davidson EW.

  • Bronze Challenge Pairs 2020 won by Jane & Andrew Carnegie

    Bronze Challenge Pairs won by Jane & Andrew Carnegie

    Saturday 1st February 2020, Carlton.

    Results (PDF).  Full Results on bridgewebs.

    Congratulations to Jane and Andrew Carnegie, winners of the Bronze Challenge. Runners up were Allan Ainslie and Ian McLaren, with Katharine Bailey and Mandy Aberdour third.

    Bronze Challenge Pairs won by Jane & Andrew Carnegie Runners Up Allan Ainslie & Ian McLaren Top Bronze 1 Pair - Anne McFarlane & Debbie Wright Top Bronze 2 Pair - Niall & Bryn Tennant Top Bronze 3/4 Pair -  Mandy Aberdour & Katharine Bailey (presentation by Anne Perkins)


  • Thea Teale Pairs 2019 won by Tadeusz Janowksi & Gosia Rozman

    Malgorzata Rosman & Tadeusz Janowski, winners of the 2019 Thea Teale Bronze Pairs Malgorzata Rosman & Tadeusz Janowski, heat & overall winners of the 2019 Thea Teale Bronze Pairs National Event Maurice Franceschi & Clare Douglas, heat runners up in the Thea Teale Bronze Pars Stewart Green & Jonathan Gibson, heat bronze 1/2 winners


  • Bronze Pairs 2019 won by Tony Houghton and Nicola Corbyn

    Congratulations to Tony Houghton and Nicola Corbyn, who won the Bronze Pairs Challenge at the Carlton on 2nd February 2019.



  • Thea Teale Pairs 2018 won by Tom Bagnall & Malgorzata Rozman

    Congratulations to Tom Bagnall and Malgorzata Rozman, winners of the 2018 National Thea Teale Bronze Pairs event - results are at eCats.

    David and Shona Anderson were runners up, with Sarinder Singh and Jim Mowat sixth.

  • Bronze Challenge Teams 2018

    Athena Chow, Tadeusz Janowski, David MacCallum and Krzysztof Nguyen won the Bronze Challenge Teams at the New Melville on Saturday 26th May 2018.

    Top B3/4 were Andy Younger, Alan Roberts, Alison Millar and Mary Anderson.

    Top B2 were Chloe Farrell, John Russell, Loraine Findlay and Pam Warner.

    Top B1 were Joyce Clemie, Carolyn Girvan, Yvonne Elrick and Marge Gammie.

  • Jesner Trophy 2018 won by Tadeusz Janowski & Krzysztof Nguyen

    Tadeusz Janowski & Krzysztof Nguyen won the Jesner Trophy (for Masters). 

    The East heats of these two were held at the Carlton on Sunday 5th November 2017.  

  • Thea Teale Bronze Pairs 2018 won by Keith & Ishbel Clark

    Won by Keith and Ishbel Clark, well done for finishing top of the combined national ranking for 2018!

    Heat runners up were Katharine Bailey and Amanda Aberdour.

    Allan Ainslie and David Houston were third.

    Fourth (and local Bronze 1 winners) were Athena Chow and David MacCallum.

    Local Bronze 3 winners Jane and Andrew Carnegie finished 5th. 

  • Cowan Cup 2018 Bronze Winners

    Sunday 11th March 2018 at the Carlton.

    Bronze 1&2

    Bronze 3&4

  • Bronze Challenge Pairs 2018

    The Bronze Pairs event at the Carlton on Saturday 3rd February 2018 was a well attended event as always, 21 tables with abilities ranging from those starting out in classes to 3 Star masters. It was split into 3 sections. Liz McGowan prepared the hands and commentary for each of the sections, discussed the hands with entrants and kindly presented the prizes.

    Bronze 1: Michael Gray, Sandy Lyon

    Elizabeth Eckles and Kevin Palmer (who are in classes, well done!) were runners up.

    Bronze 2: David Nisbet, Ian Thomson

    This star master couple, David and Gill Simmons, won the B3 & 4.

    Alan Roberts and Andy Younger were runners up in B3/B4.

  • McGregor Cup 2018 Bronze Prize won by Andrew & Jane Carnegie

    The Bronze prizeat the The McGregor Cup for Mixed Pairs (held at the New Melville on 24th November 2017) was won by Andrew and Jane Carnegie.


  • Swiss Pairs 2017 Bronze prize won by Ken Blake & Douglas Buchanan


    The Swiss Pairs event held at the Carlton on 19th November 2017 was won by Ken Blake and Douglas Buchanan.


  • Bronze Individual 2018 won by Amanda Aberdour

    Amanda Aberdour won the bronze 1&2 individual at the Carlton on Sunday 17th September 2018.