Amidst all the pandemic chaos, we welcome you to our new district website.   Some of its new features will get limited use until we are able to gather around tables again, but we will soon see some of our events moving online.    Committee members will be able to add, update and remove their own content as and when they wish, and my trusty text code editor can retire. 

The general and bronze home pages are listed in order of publication (newest first), with the facility to 'feature' a small number of articles to keep them prominent for a limited time.  You also get a jump list of recently updated articles (as distinct from recently added) and a pinboard of stuff which needs to hang around for a while.

The league pages have had major enhancement and one day we'll get the benefit ... plus you get a fully searchable winners database for events dating  back to 1933.  Please let me know if you can fill in any gaps (not many), complete any names or correct any errors that may have crept in during transcription.

Contact » Alan Officer

Oh, and if you're really stuck (in the past) the old website is still available at but will not be updated any more.