The SBU promotes the teaching of bridge and supports all bridge tutors whoever they are, and wherever they are based, across Scotland and beyond.  To support this aim, the SBU is launching two new SBU branded courses for beginners and offering free access to all resources for each course to all teachers. One, a shorter 20 lessons course, the other a longer 60 lessons course

Resources for both courses are electronically based comprising Powerpoint Slides, Notes for students and teachers, Quizzes, and Deal files of 8-12 set hands for each lesson.

The SBU is also encouraging beginners to learn to play bridge online this Autumn at their local club, but if that’s not available, experienced teachers from The New Melville Club, The Dundee Bridge Club and Glasgow Bridge Centre are extending their online teaching to anyone who wishes to learn this great game!

  • The New Melville Academy is using the 60 lesson course. Teachers will be using Zoom and Bridge Base Online.
  • Dundee Bridge Club is using the 20 lesson course albeit over 40 weeks to include more practice and play en route.  Teachers will be using Zoom and BridgeBaseOnline.  More information and an application form.
  • The Glasgow Bridge Centre is using the 20 lesson course albeit over 40 sessions to be offered in 10 lesson terms.  Teachers will be using Bridge Base Online and probably Zoom or Skype