The East District runs winter leagues for Teams of Eight as well as Summer Leagues for Teams of Four for novices and new players.

The league season runs from late September until the end of March each year. The league structure currently consists of 5 sections of 10 or 11 teams. Matches are played on pre-arranged dates over 24 boards at four tables, and totalled in Aggregate Points. 


Undoubtedly this is the item that has generated the most correspondence since Lockdown commenced. I know that there is a body of opinion that we should be completing the league season by playing online matches. However the Committee is of the unanimous view that this is very unfair to teams that have players who have not – and have no wish - to play online. Given that it seems highly unlikely that we shall be back playing face-to-face bridge before the end of the year, we are proposing that we simply extend the 2019/20 season to become 2019/21. Outstanding matches – or at least those that the Committee deem to be important for promotion and relegation issues - will be played hopefully in the new year between January and the summer at which point master points will be issued.

League Rules

League Rules (updated 2014)

League Contacts

Please consult the List of League Team Captains supplied by the League Secretary at the start of the season.

Playing Venues

Venue addresses and contact details for all the usual home venues and common "Half way house" venues.


The winning margin is calculated by dividing the points difference between the teams with the total combined aggregate score for both teams, which produces a percentage value once multiplied by 100.  Full examples are in the League Rules!  If you win by 2% or more you are awarded 3 league points, if less you get 2 points, and the defeated team gets 1.  Exact ties gain 1.5 league points each.

To help with splitting teams tied on points, AMPs are also calculated as follows:

AMP Conversion Table
Margin <1% 1-2% 2-3% 3-4% 4-6% 6-8%
AMP 1 2 3 4 5 6
Margin 8-10% 10-13% 13-16% 16-21% 21-26% 26+%
AMP 7 8 9 10 11 12



League matches (but not MacLaren Cup encounters) are eligible for Local Masterpoints according to the following scale.

Div.1 Div.2 Div.3 Div.4 Div.5
106 94 82 70 58

At the end of each season, please send a completed Master Points Claim Form.  If you have problems with this you may also send it as a Excel file.  When you complete the claim form please include full names and titles, and the master point number for each player (refer to MEMPAD if required). If any of your players does not have a master point number then please include their full name, title, and address so that the MP Secretary can register them in the SBU Master Point scheme.

League master points may be claimed for all team members who contributed to winning at least one match (2/3 points) .  Tied matches also count.  

Team captains must maintain a record of which players played in which matches (we send automated receipts with this information via the website when league match results are submitted).

If there are any changes of contact details for your league team at any time, please let the League Secretary  know the name, email address and telephone number of the representative so she can update records.  Changes to your team roster during the season require pre-authorisation.

Knockout Cup

League teams are also invited to play in the MacLaren Cup, which is a handicap knockout event, for no additional fee.


Julia Palmer