SBU Honours Database Event Lookup

The old No Fear and Next Step grading for new and improving players was replaced by the Bronze system in 2015.

Full Winners List

2014-15 Nicola Dean (NS), Fiona McElhinney (NS), Arnott Reid (NF), Heather Reid (NF)
2013-14 Maurice Franceschi (NS), Alistair Rae (NS), Rosemary Fitch (NF), Cecilia Stephens (NF)
2012-13 Christian Boorman (NS), Aileen Brennan (NS), Holli Mast (NF), Stephen Mast (NF)
2011-12 William Johnston (NS), Jean Johnston (NS), Lucy Hammer (NF), Martin Hammer (NF)
2010-11 Jim Herbert (NS), John Soutar (NS), Katherine Dempsie (NF), Jacob Moody (NF)
2009-10 Patricia Gray (NS), Catherine Jordan (NS), Alan Lafferty (NS), Irene Scott (NS), Graeme Scott (NS), Ian Somerville (NS), Alex Sutherland (NF), Donald Sutherland (NF)
2008-09 Kenneth Angus (NS), Marion Angus (NS), Jennifer Cairns (NS), Brian McKenzie (NS), Eva Drummond (NF), Kathleen Marr (NF)
2007-08 Lyn Cronin (NS), Anne Havard (NS), Catherine Jordan (NS), Ian Somerville (NS), Ann Bunker (NF), Lucinda McFarlane (NF)
2006-07 Ethelwyn Coates (NS), Bill Inglis (NS), Sybil King (NS), Sheila Pitcairn (NS), Heather Lickley (NF), Dr Julia Palmer (NF)
2005-06 Sandy Kirkwood (NS), Pamela Kirkwood (NS), Anne Laird (NS), Bob Williams (NS), Brenda Cullen (NF), Irene Scott (NF)
2004-05 Joan Campbell (NS), Lois d'Esterre (NS), Sheila McKay (NS), Janet Robertson (NS), Anne Laird (NF), Bob Williams (NF)
2003-04 Maurice Bonnar (NS), Joan Campbell (NS), Lois d'Esterre (NS), Sandra Merlet (NS), Margaret Anderson (NF), Joyce Hope (NF)
2002-03 Jane Farquharson (NS), Margaret Pollock (NS), Pam Dower (NF), Mike Young (NF)
2001-02 Sandy Kirkwood (NS), Robin Martin (NS), Vicky Brunton (NF), Marald Thomson (NF)
2000-01 L Bain (NS), Frank Robertson (NS), Anne Brookes (NF), Nicole Westaway (NF)