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AGM presentations by Jack Paterson

Atholl Cup - Pivot Teams

Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Harry Smith, Finlay Marshall

Cowan Cup - Pairs Championship

Tim McKay & Keith Youngs

Bronze: Ross & Anne Torkington


Watson Trophy - Teams

Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Anne Symons & Alan Goodman

Faie Rosebowl - Individual

Iain Sime

Allan Flitch Trophy - Married Couples

Archie & Pam Leith


Hunter Cup - Teams

Robert Clow, Eric Nolf, Anthony Bates and Tim McKay

No Fear Teams Event: Jacob Moody, Katherine Dempsie, Rhona Diamond & Malcolm Lee

Bowman Trophy - Men's Teams

Iain Sime, Jack Paterson, John Matheson, John Murdoch, Derek Sanders and Stephen Peterkin

McGregor Cup - Mixed Pairs

David Liggat & Liz McGowan

Bronze: Heather & Peter Braid, Marion Dick & David McGrouter (a second bronze prize awarded since they had a higher score than the top silver ranked pair)



Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase - Women's Teams

Liz McGowan, Sam Punch, Anne Symons and Sheila Adamson


Simultaneous Pairs

Kenny Watson & Alex Shields

Next Step Pairs

Christian Boorman & Aileen Brannan

No Fear Pairs

Holli & Steven Mast

Edinburgh Congress Trophy (& Rayne Cup Qualifier)

Les Steel, John Matheson, Brian Short and Dave Walker

Swiss Pairs

Tim McKay & David Weir

Silver: Robert Clow & Troy van de l'Isle
Bronze: Jun Nakamaru-Pinder & Jake Corry


Senior Pairs - Freddy Short Quaich

Harry Smith & Finlay Marshall

Atholl Cup Plate

Sandy Kirkwood, Robin Martin, Derick McIntosh, Ken Tait

League Division 1


documents/season/2012-13/league/Final League Tables 2012-2013.pdf


League Division 2

Grosvenor Aces

League Division 3


League Division 4


League Division 5



MacLaren Cup


NEBA Match

"A" Match (Newcastle Journal Trophy): NEBA
"B" Match (Edinburgh Salver): East District


Borders Match

East District


Club Congresses


  • Berwick Congress: Teams: Catriona Gardiner, Jane Harper, Elizabeth Peckham and Jane Miller, Pairs: Phil Stephens & Martin Stephens
  • Carlton Congress: Teams: Archie Leith, Pam Leith, June Morrison, Simon Muir. Pairs: Lilian Flett & Jane Richings
  • Dunbar Congress: Teams: Irene Sime, David Kaye, Mike Baron & Andrew Muir. Pairs: Keith Youngs, Irene Sime
  • Kelso Congress: Teams: Bett & Norman Morrison, Margaret & Ian Morton. Pairs: Bett & Norman Morrison
  • Melville Congress: Teams: Derek Sanders, Tim McKay, Iain Macintyre, Paul Maiolani. Swiss Pairs: Alan Goodman & Andrew Symons


National Events

  • Benjamin Trophy: Iain Sime
  • Bowman Pairs: John Hamilton & Mike Smith
  • Fairlie Pairs: Lucia Barrett & June Morrison
  • Jesner Pairs: Bett Morrison & Ritchie Thompson
  • Kennedy Pairs: Willie MacGruer & Maggie Greer
  • Rayne Cup: Les Steel, Dave Walker, John Matheson, Brian Short
  • National League: Anne Symons, Sam Punch, Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Sheila Adamson, Yvonne Wiseman


Congratulations to the Scotland Senior Team, who were triumphant at the Senior Camrose in Wales.  Our lineup was Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Alan Goodman, Brian Short, Irving Gordon, Danny Kane and NPC Anne Symons.

England won the Lady Milne in Edinburgh.  Our runners up were Sheila Adamson, Anne Symons, Catherine Gerrard, Laura Porro, Liz McGowan and Sam Punch (NPC Brian Short), with SBU third: Laura Middleton, Veronica Guy, Cathy Ferguson, Michele Gladstone, Maida Grant and Sheila Macdonald (NPC Alan Goodman).

Scotland finished runners up to England in both the Junior Camrose (Phil Morrison & Frazer Morgan, Yvonne & Ralph Wiseman, Iain Graham & Jake Milne) and Peggy Bayer (Jenny Middleton, Olivia Bailey, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder (c) & Stewart Pinkerton, Calum Stout & Tom Browning).


The Edinburgh University team reached the Final of the Portland Bowl, the British Universities Championship, where they lost to Imperial College London. The team was Jun Pinder, Stefan David, Krzysztof Nguyen and Yvonne Wiseman.