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Atholl Cup - Pivot Teams

Dave Walker, Les Steel, Anne Symons & Nigel Morecroft

Cowan Cup - Pairs Championship

David Liggat & Roy Bennett

Bronze: Jane Carnegie & Bob Robertson

Watson Trophy - Teams

Iain Sime, Fiona McQuaker, John Matheson and Patrick Home

Consolation Final: Robert Clow, Lucia Barrett, Anthony Bates and Troy van de l'Isle
Silver: David Briggs, Andrew Muir, Jeff Bond and Eric Door
Bronze: Helen O’Brien, Mike Scully, A Dick and Susan Hamilton


Faie Rosebowl - Individual

Trina Rogerson

Allan Flitch Trophy - Married Couples

Andy & Jan Philip

Hunter Cup - Teams

Harry Smith, Adrian Orlowski, Paul Gipson & Alex Adamson

Silver: Thea Teale, Jim McDowall, Jane Stephenson & Rosemary McKinnel
Bronze: Sandy Kirkwood, Ken Tait, Bett Morrison & Ritchie Thompson


Bowman Trophy - Men's Teams

Finlay Marshall, Alec Adamson, Harry Smith & Adrian Orlowski

McGregor Cup - Mixed Pairs

Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin

Silver: Jane Stephenson & Dougie Munro
Bronze: Heather & Peter Braid


Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase - Women's Teams

Liz McGowan, Sam Punch, Sheila Adamson & Anne Symons


Simultaneous Pairs

Malcolm Cuthbertson & Alex Adamson

Next Step Pairs

William & Jean Johnston

No Fear Pairs

Martin & Lucy Hammer

Edinburgh Congress Trophy (& Rayne Cup Qualifier)

Iain Sime, Patrick Home, Alan Goodman and Mike Ash

Swiss Pairs

Jane Stephenson & David Kaye

Senior Pairs - Freddy Short Quaich

David Liggat & Liz McGowan

Atholl Cup Plate

Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Finlay Marshall & Harry Smith


League Division 1


documents/season/2011-12/league/Final League Tables 2011-2012.pdf


League Division 2


League Division 3



League Division 4



League Division 5

Marmion A

MacLaren Cup

Grosvenor Aces


NEBA Match

"A" Match (Newcastle Journal Trophy): East District
"B" Match (Edinburgh Salver): NEBA


Borders Match

East District


Club Congresses

  • Dunbar Congress Skateraw Teams: Andy Jamieson, John Hamilton, Fiona Lawson & Eileen Carmichael.  Jack Taylor Pairs won by Judy Pearson & Graham Hardman.

National Events

  • Edwin Berry: Alan Goodman, Mike Ash, Brian Short, Dave Walker
  • Benjamin Trophy: Alan Goodman
  • Rayne Cup: Brian Short, Dave Walker, Les Steel, John Matheson
  • Mixed Swiss Teams: Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Sam Punch & Stephen Peterkin
  • Mixed Swiss Pairs: George Plant, Veronica Guy
  • Scottish Cup: Brian Short, Les Steel, John Matheson and David Walker
  • Winter Fours: Mike Ash, Alan Goodman, Sam Punch (with Tim Rees)
  • Winter Swiss: Nicol Taylor was in the winning West District team Women’s Pairs: Claire Hargan & Julia Palmer
  • Women’s Teams: Liz McGowan, Sam Punch (with Maida Grant & Sheila MacDonald


Lady Milne Winners: Liz McGowan & Sam Punch, Anne Symons & Sheila Adamson, Fiona McQuaker & Yvonne Wiseman

Senior Camrose Winners: Iain Sime & John Murdoch, Bill Whyte & Irving Gordon, John Matheson & Willie Coyle

Junior Camrose Winners!:  Krzysztof Nguyen, Alex Wilkinson, Morrison and Morgan
 - also of note, Jake Corry (ED Committee) played for N Ireland.

Wales won the Teltscher Trophy (Senior Camrose) in Oxford. The Scottish team was Mike Ash & Liz McGowan, Roy Bennett & David Liggat, Alan Goodman & Brian Short, who was playing captain.