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Gold Cup 2006

GOLD CUP 2006 John Matheson, Brian Short, Dave Walker, John Murdoch, Malcolm Cuthbertson & Douglas Piper

AGM Presentations by Brian Short.

Atholl Cup - Pivot Teams

Veronica Guy, Carolyn Peploe, Sheila Adamson & Fiona McQuaker

Cowan Cup - Pairs Championship

Fiona McQuaker & Malcolm Cuthbertson

Watson Trophy - Teams

Iain Sime, George Wood, Miro Dragic, Brian Spears

Faie Rosebowl - Individual

Sandy Kirkwood

Allan Flitch Trophy - Married Couples

Ian Crorie & Lucia Barrett

Hunter Cup - Teams

Iain Sime, John Matheson, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan


Bowman Trophy - Men's Teams

Iain Sime, Patrick Hume, Brian Short, Derek Sanders, Jack Paterson & David Liggat

McGregor Cup - Mixed Pairs

Iain Sime & Sam Punch

Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase - Women's Teams

Veronica Guy, Carolyn Peploe, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan


Simultaneous Pairs

David Weir & Gordon Stuart


Edinburgh Congress Trophy (& Rayne Cup Qualifier)

Dave Walker, Malcolm Cuthbertson, Les Steel, James McGeorge

Swiss Pairs

Jim Smart & Nicol Taylor


Next Step Pairs

Sybil King & Sheila Pitcairn, Bill Inglis & Anne Laird


No Fear Pairs

Julia Palmer & Heather Lickley

League Division 1



League Division 2

Berwick A

League Division 3

Carlton Buccleuch

League Division 4

Royal Scots B

League Division 5



MacLaren Cup



East District v the Borders

East District


Arthur Pairs: Liz McGowan & Ken Baxter
Benjamin Trophy: Derek Sanders
Bobby Allan Mixed Pairs: N Barnes & Mrs S Hopkins, from Dollar
Diamond Senior Pairs: Pam & Archie Leith
Edwin Berry: Dave Walker, Malcolm Cuthbertson, Les Steel & James McGeorge
Harrison Trophy: George Plant
National Pairs: Les Steel & Dave Walker
Rayne Cup: Dave Walker, James McGeorge, Les Steel, Malcolm Cuthbertson
Scottish Cup: Dave Walker, James McGeorge, Les Steel, Malcolm Cuthbertson
Stirling Pairs: David Briggs & Andrew Muir
Winter Fours: John Murdoch, Douglas Piper, Brian Short, Jack Paterson, Jim Patrick
Winter Swiss Teams: Archie & Pam Leith, Pam Stewart, Ray Woodcock
Winter Swiss Pairs: Liz McGowan and Finlay Marshall

Gold Cup

Dave Walker, John Matheson, Brian Short, Malcolm Cuthbertson, John Murdoch & Douglas Piper


Lady Milne Trophy - Home International Series

East represented by Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Sheila Adamson, Anne Martin, with Sheila MacDonald and Maida Grant.  NPC Brian Short 

The team also competed in the European Championships.

Other selections

Representing Scotland in the Camrose and the European Championships were Brian Short, John Matheson, Iain Sime, Derek Sanders, James McGeorge and Les Steel.

David Liggat & Roy Bennett also played in the Senior European Championships.