ED Rayne Qualifying Heat - Event Details

Multiple teams of four for the Edward Rayne Trophy - open to all SBU members.   This was the 4th National Competition to be instigated by the SBU (after the Scottish Cup, Women's teams and National Pairs) and is played for our most valuable silver trophy. The trophy was donated by Edward Rayne after he won the teams at both Scottish Congresses in 1948 

The East District has 3 places in the Rayne Final and for the qualifier, each member of the team must belong to a club in the District.

Heats will be held using a multiple teams format using RealBridge 

The final will be played on Real Bridge and will consist of up to 16 teams – 2 from Ayrshire, Central, Highland, North and South and 3 from East and West - playing around 45 boards.

Entry Fee

£16 per team - this will be payable to the East District - payment details will be provided to teams entering

The entry fee for the Final will be £20 per team .  7  National Points will be awarded to the winners of the Final with awards to the top 1/2 of the field.

Event Properties

Convener: Fiona Greenwood

Event Date Sunday 7 Nov 2021 11:00
Event End Date Sunday 7 Nov 2021 19:00
Location RealBridge
Categories SBU Events, Teams
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Location Map