Online Bridge . . .

  • Bronze Brunch

    This is an SBU tournament being played every Saturday starting at 11.45 am exclusively for SBU bronze members.  There are 12 boards and the cost is  BBO$1.50.   

    It is hosted by different clubs each week and on Saturday 19th September it


    If you're not quite sure how playing on Bridgebase Online works, here are a few tips:

    Before you begin!

    In order to make sure you are "recognised" as a member of SBU East District on BBO it is

  • Inaugural ED MP Pairs on BBO

    Results are here -  winners were Duncan MacDonald/ Nicol Taylor NS and Paul Gipson/ Penelope Davidson EW.


  • Online Bridge with SBU Virtual Club

    These useful documents are available onthe SBU web site.  Please note they'll probably be updated from time to time so keep an eye on them.