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  • Rob Hicking and Sue Campbell win 2019 Mixed Pairs Bronze

    East District Congress Mixed Pairs - McGregor Cup McGregor Results McGregor Cup 2019 Bronze winners: Rob Hicking and Sue Campbell
  • ED Swiss Pairs Winners

    Congratulations to the winners of ED Swiss Pairs held on 29th November Derrick Peden and Jim Hay. In 2nd place were Rani Sinnak and Morag Ridley and in 3rd Colin Macdonald and Grant Harrower Silver prize winners - John and Sheila McVey Bronze 3/4...
  • McGregor Cup 2019 won by Veronica Guy & Peter Moss

    The East District Congress Mixed Pairs event held the New Melville on Friday 18 October 2019. McGregor Results McGregor Cup Winners: Veronica Guy and Peter Moss McGregor Cup Runnersup: Fiona Greenwood and Troy van de l'Isle McGregor Cup Silver Prize:...
  • McGregor Cup 2018 Bronze Prize won by Andrew & Jane Carnegie

    The Bronze prizeat the The McGregor Cup for Mixed Pairs (held at the New Melville on 24th November 2017) was won by Andrew and Jane Carnegie. Results
  • McGregor Cup 2017 won by John Hamilton & Fiona Lawson

    The McGregor Cup for Mixed Pairs held at the New Melville on 24th November 2017 was won by John Hamilton and Fiona Lawson. Results Runners up were Fiona McQuaker and Iain Sime. Silver winners were Anne Young and Alex Sutherland.
  • McGregor Cup 2019 Bronze - Malgorzata Rozman and Tadeusz Janowski

    The Mixed Pairs Bronze prize winners Malgorzata Rozman and Tadeusz Janowski. 23rd November 2018. Results
  • Trophy Winners

    This section will be automated as part of the Honours Database. But still working on final configuration of that so for now you just get a long list . . . Allan FLitch Trophy for Married Couples 2018-19: 2017-18: P. & H. Braid 2016-17: I. D. Crorie &...
  • Summary of the 2006-07 Season

    Gold Cup 2006 AGM Presentations by Brian Short. Atholl Cup - Pivot Teams Veronica Guy, Carolyn Peploe, Sheila Adamson & Fiona McQuaker Cowan Cup - Pairs Championship Fiona McQuaker & Malcolm Cuthbertson Watson Trophy - Teams Iain Sime, George Wood,...
  • McGregor Cup (East District Congress)

    East District Mixed Pairs event, with additional prizes for the best men's and ladies' pairs. 1 session of approx 28 boards Part of the East District Congress.
  • East District Newsletter – August 2020

    to compensate for the lack of the district-wide league. Our first online District tournament is likely to be the McGregor Mixed Pairs event and we are also considering holding a Bronze Swiss Pairs and a KO team event. Hopefully these will start by...
  • Summary of the 2012-13 Season

    AGM presentations by Jack Paterson Atholl Cup - Pivot Teams Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Harry Smith, Finlay Marshall Cowan Cup - Pairs Championship Tim McKay & Keith Youngs Bronze: Ross & Anne Torkington Watson Trophy - Teams Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Anne...

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