Simultaneous Pairs Championship

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(* denotes Bronze only event)

This is the East District Simultaneous Pairs played in several clubs in the East District. Heats are held in Clubs on the first Monday in November though with prior agreement clubs may arrange to play on another night that week, ensuring due security of the hands to be played. The date and entry fee per pair are listed on the ED Tournament Flyer.

The ED Sims has set hands played by the Scottish Women in a previous event. As well a a hand commentary by Liz McGowan you get a scorecard so you can compare scores with the team, though the actual event is scored over the field by matchpoints.

The event will be scored by eCats (event ID 4929). Winners will receive their trophy and prizes at the ED AGM – the remaining prizes will be distributed ASAP.

Simultaneous Pairs Trophy

Eastern District Simultaneous Pairs Trophy, presented by A. Shields.

Roll of Honour