Atholl Cup Pivot Teams of Four

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05/10/2018Closing date for Atholl Cup entriesAnne PerkinsWeb Page

(* denotes Bronze only event)

The Atholl Cup is the East District Pivot Teams of Four Championship.

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It is a Knock-out pivot Teams of Four where the Captain plays one-third of the boards with each of his team members. Matches consist of 30 boards (in 3 sets of 10) played at both tables, although in the Final the rules specify 48 boards should be played, though A. single session of 36 may be played by agreement between the two captains.

The two Captains play against each other throughout, and their partners alternate in turn, so each team member plays with all other members over the three stanzas.

After each set of 10 boards the boards should be IMPed, and the match position tallied.

All entrants will play at least two matches. We want to encourage new teams to play in the competition so providing this opportunity via the Atholl Cup Plate seems fair. If there are insufficient teams to make A. truly balanced draw:

It does mean that a couple of teams in the Plate competition may or may not have a bye in its first round. This will depend on whether the recipients of a bye in the main draw go on to win their second round Atholl match or not. Clearly teams in this position must be patient and await the outcome of those round 2 matches before planning too far ahead! The plate draw will once again be extracted straight from the main Atholl draw sheet. The rules for the Atholl Cup itself are unchanged.

There are no particular entrance qualification requirements for the Atholl Cup other than membership of the East District. The draw is seeded for the preceding year’s Semi Finalists.

Atholl Cup

Atholl Bridge Club Pairs 1935-1939; presented by Mrs Tait, December 1946 for Teams of Four competition

Substitute players are acceptable subject to the following:

  1. the opposing team captain agrees to the change in advance
  2. there is no other way to have the fixture completed within an acceptable timescale
  3. the substitute must not be of a clearly higher standard than the player they are replacing
  4. only one substitute may be used during the course of the tournament (though they could appear more than once if necessary e.g. to cover for a prolonged absence)

In the event of a team winning the trophy having utilised a substitute in any match, the original four team members are seen as the winning team for the purposes of engraving and record keeping.

Roll of Honour

Atholl Cup Plate