Index of District Competitions

Latest news, how to enter, past winners and anything else of interest about the competitions that we run in the East District.

Pairs Events


Teams of Four



Bronze events will run in parallel with some of these events subject to demand (in addition to the dedicated Bronze events), please check the news page for details.

Individual Events


Teams of Eight

District League

Ranked Awards

Our events can be fun, provide great experience and no matter how tough the field is, you DO have every chance of winning your ranked category since you're only competing with similarly ranking players to yourself!

* The convener has full authority to determine the category for each participant, should there be any confusion or doubt!

How the Ranks work

As a guideline, for PAIRS events, your ranking will be based on the HIGHER ranked player.

For East District TEAMS events, your ranking will be based on the SECOND HIGHEST ranked player in your team (yes, the top ranked player could even be a Grand Master!)

Any further questions about the event itself - please contact the relevant convener.

General Eligibility

Anyone entering ED competitions needs to be a member of the SBU and should quote their SBU membership (Master Points) number.

For Conveners

Guidelines for Running East District Tournaments (also available as a Word document

We are particularly keen to encourage more Bronze and Silver players, which allows us to offer generous prizes in these categories as well as for the overall winners.

Guidelines for ranked prizes.

A list of current player bands (including MP numbers) can be found on MEMPAD under Player Directories Listed by District and Rank.