Summary of District Competitions

DateStartEventVenueConvenorInformationWeb Page
03/09/201919:00League Secretary's MeetingCarltonJulia Palmer
15/09/201912:00* Bronze 1 & 2 IndividualCarltonDenise KingWeb Page
15/09/201912:00Faie RosebowlCarltonDenise KingWeb Page
21/09/201912:00Stirling Pairs (SBU)MelvilleAnne Perkins
22/09/201912:00Edwin Berry Swiss Teams (SBU)CarltonAnne Perkins
29/09/201913:00Dunbar BC CongressDunbarPam Meldrum
04/10/2019Closing date for Atholl Cup entriesAnne PerkinsWeb Page
13/10/201913:00Diamond Trophy (SBU)
18/10/201919:00ED Congress McGregor CupMelvilleAnne PerkinsWeb Page
19/10/201912:00ED Congress Swiss PairsMelvilleFiona Greenwood
20/10/201912:00ED Congress Watson TrophyMelvilleFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
02/11/201912:00* ED Heat of National Bronze Pairs (Thea Teale)MelvilleDenise King
04/11/2019ED Sim Pairs (eCats)ClubsLiz McGowanWeb Page
06/11/201919:00Edinburgh Congress Trophy & Rayne Qualifier (1)MelvilleFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
13/11/201919:00Edinburgh Congress Trophy & Rayne Qualifier (2)MelvilleFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
17/11/201912:00ED Swiss PairsCarltonWeb Page
24/11/201913:00* Jesner Pairs (SBU)Melville
24/11/201913:00* Johnston Pairs (SBU)Melville
26/01/202012:00National Pairs District Final (SBU)Carlton
01/02/202012:00* Bronze Challenge PairsCarltonDenise KingWeb Page
15/02/202018:00Allan Flitch (Married Couples)MelvilleJane CarnegieWeb Page
08/03/202012:00Cowan Cup Pairs TWO SESSIONSMelvilleAnne PerkinsWeb Page
31/03/202012:00Senior Congress Bronze PairsCarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
31/03/202012:00Senior Congress PairsCarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
31/03/202016:15Senior Congress Bronze TeamsCarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
31/03/202016:15Senior Congress TeamsCarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
05/04/202013:00* ED Heat of National Bronze Teams (SBU)CarltonFiona Greenwood
15/04/202019:00ED Men's Teams (1)CarltonWeb Page
15/04/202019:00ED Women's Teams (1)CarltonLiz McGowanWeb Page
22/04/202019:00ED Men's Teams (2)CarltonWeb Page
22/04/202019:00ED Women's Teams (2)CarltonLiz McGowan
23/04/202019:30East District AGMCarlton
25/04/202012:00* Fairlie Ind. (SBU)CarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
25/04/202012:00* Shenkin Ind. (SBU)CarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
25/04/202012:00Benjamin Ind. (SBU)CarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
25/04/202012:00Harrison Ind. (SBU)CarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
23/05/202012:00* Bronze Challenge TeamsDenise King
24/05/202012:00Hunter CupMelvilleAnne PerkinsWeb Page

(* denotes Bronze only event)

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