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Stuff aimed exclusively at Bronze players - don’t forget to check the other news for congresses and open competitions which you are also encouraged to enter.

Individual event

The first event of the East District calendar, the Individual competition, is on the 15th September 2019 , midday at the Carlton bridge club.

It is in two sections : the Faie Rosebowl for all East members and the Bronze Individual for only those ranked novice, club master, local master and district masters.

If you have not played in one before, you should try it. You play a couple of boards with (ideally) everyone in the competition. You play a given set simple system which you refer to freely as you play,so you always understand the bidding.

Well worth entering and cheaper than any of the other competitions.

The Bronze 1&2 tournament uses its own standard simple system (updated for 2019) to minimise discussions at the start of every round.

The Faie also has a standard system.

Bronze Challenge Teams

The Bronze Teams event was won by Alison Littleboy, Graham Dempsey, Clare Douglas and Maurice Franceschi. Results.

Runners up were Roy Heanes, Ian McLean, Alex Sutherland and Norrie o'Neill.

3rd place Athena Chow,Gosia Rozman, Krzysztof Nguyen and Tadeusz Janowski

The amazing Top Bronze 1/2 team, coming 4th. They are a Bronze 1 team 2 father and son combination of Neil and Aidan Woodley, Niall and Bryn Tennant.

Older results all saved at

What Else Is Out There?

The national SBU web site has a section dedicated to Bronze players. There may be bronze events run nationally or in other districts which you might be interested in.

MEMPAD Demystified

How to get at your points

Summer and Novice Team Matches

The Summer and Novice Leagues are currently running until August.

Here is the list of Summer and Novice Team Matches:

All the scores

Current Standings

These competitions are designed to introduce the ideas and skills needed for league play to some and allow others to practice.

This summer there are two leagues running again; one for complete beginners or those still in classes called 'The Novice League'. The other for those more experienced bronze players, including those who have played in division 5 of the East District league The competitions are both teams of 4, run as the winter league format with an initial meeting to arrange matches. A lot of help is available so that no knowledge of teams competitions is required. All those wanting help will be taken through the process of arranging teams, matches, play tactics, filling out scorecards, etiquette, etc. Indeed the option is there to have someone on hand for all matches to act as TD and help if required.

Denise King - ED Bronze Coord, tel 07840931921

2018 Summer Leagues

So what happened last year? After a great summer with 27 Bronze matches, the winners of the Novice Teams was Ruff Dummies closely followed by New Tricks, and in the Summer Teams Warriston won with Grange just one amp behind. Ruff Dummies 2018

From top left:
Thora Walker, Trish Gordon, Iris Harvey, John Tumelty, Alan Thomson, Fergus Nicol, with Dave Walker presenting, Wendy Pratt (bottom left) and Dorothy Weir (bottom right). Many congratulations and look forward to seeing their future successes.

Novice Teams 2018									
  Team	                P  W3  W2   D  L1  L0  Pt  AMP
1 Ruff Dummies	        5   4   0   0   0   1  12   33
2 New Tricks	        5   2	0   0   1   1  10    5
3 Heebie Jeebies	5   2   0   0   1   2   7   15
4 Diamonds in the Rough	5   1	2   0   0   2   7  -10
5 A King & Four Queens	5   2	0   0   0   3   6  -19
6 All Hands On Deck	5   1	0   0   0   4   3  -24
Summer Teams 2018,(D5+)									
  Team	                P  W3  W2   D  L1  L0  Pts  AMPs
1 Warriston	        6   3	1   0	0   2   11    8
2 Grange	        6   3   1   0   0   2   11    7
3 Fife Aces	        6   3   0   0   1   2   10   10
4 Coast	                6   1   0   0   1   4    4  -25

Warriston 2018

Warriston, from left to right: Alan Brown, John Wilson, Marilyn McDonagh, Eldrydd Robinson, Carole McCartney, Sheena Spence. There were four others not available at the time: Helen Mackinnon, Sheila Allan, Val Beamish and Rosie McFie.

Thanks to all those who took part.