If you're not quite sure how playing on Bridgebase Online works , a few tips:

  • LOG ON to BBO using their app or at bridgebase.com up to 2 hours in advance
  • Enter the Competitive area and  select 'All Tournaments'.
  • Use the Search facility at the top of the list to enter SBU  which will help you to find the tournament
  • This shows you the basics for the event and the cost.  You can choose to pay for your partner here if you wish.  However you do it,  make sure there are enough BBO$ in your accounts.
  • Register by typing in your partner's BBO name and invite them - you can only do this if you're both online.
  • Avoid selecting 'Play with Robot' instead of 'Invite' ... it's easily done!
  • Once you've registered you can sign off from BBO but you must be logged in 10 minutes before the tournament due to start.  You can register on one device and come back to play on another no problem, but make sure you are logged in with plenty time to spare.