Bronze players are eligible for all dedicated Bronze tournaments run by the SBU and its districts, and may also earn ranked prizes in most major national and district competitions.  Bronze levels are categorised thus, with their requirements for master points (1 MP equals 100 Local Points from your club):

  1. Club Masters (2), Novices (0)
  2. Local Masters (10) and District Masters (25)
  3. Masters (50), 1 Star Masters (100)  and 2 Star Masters (150)
  4. 3 Star Masters (200), 4 Star Masters (250) and 5 Star Masters (300), all Senior Masters (400 up to 650 for 5 Star)

Note that Regional Masters move out of Bronze and into the Silver band with 100MP but 25 of these must be Red Points (the kind you can only earn at national events and selected district events and congresses).  If a player never plays in such events they graduate towards the most decorated levels of Level 4 Bronze.  This level can contain very good players!

How the Ranks work

As a guideline, for PAIRS events, your ranking will be based on the HIGHER ranked player.

For East District TEAMS events, your ranking will be based on the SECOND HIGHEST ranked player in your team (yes, the top ranked player could even be a Grand Master!)

Any further questions about the event itself - please contact the relevant convener.

General Eligibility

Anyone entering ED competitions needs to be a member of the SBU and should quote their SBU membership (Master Points) number.

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