The East District Sim Pairs event on 6th November 2017 was this year as a Match Pointed Pairs event. Heats in Berwick, Dunfermline, Carlton, New Melville, Jedburgh, Peebles.

The final Top 10 is now confirmed as follows:

  • 1. Catherine Hepburn & Margaret Ross (Carlton) 65.75%
  • 2. Valerie Barnes & Evelyn Baird (Peebles) 65.57%
  • 3. Elisabeth von Breitenbuch & Alex Shields (Peebles) 65.48%
  • 4. Gary McGinley & Gordon Finch (Peebles) 61.64%
  • 5. Sandy Moor & Brian Griffihs (Berwick) 61.32%
  • 6. Keith Youngs & Tim McKay (New Melville) 59.67%
  • 7. Mike Baron & Jane Stephenson (Carlton) 59.59%
  • 8. Ann Delaney & Kathleen Marr (Carlton) 58.98%
  • 9. Willie Wilkinson & Robin Bauld (Peebles) 58.66%
  • 10.= Ros French & Diana Drysdale (Berwick) 58.33%
  • 10.= Julia Palmer & Rona Moss (New Melville) 58.33%

Top Dunfermline pair were Jane Carnegie & Gill Simmons (56.73%);

Congratulations to Jim McDowall who won the East District Individual competition at the Melville on 16th September 2018.   Alastair White was runner up, with Tom Bagnall third.

Faie Results.

This was Jim’s second success in the tournament, having won it in 2010.

Congratulations to Kenny Watson from Peebles, who (playing with Martin Garvey) won the Congress Swiss Pairs event, played over three days from 8-10 September. Kenny reports a decent standard, green pointed,with one or two big hitters playing, including John Holland.


We introduced a Red Pointed weekend at the Melville on 1st and 2nd September 2018, incorporating and expanding on the Watson Trophy for Teams.

Congratulations to Joyce Benson, Martin Diamond, David Shenkin and Alistair Gordon, who won the Watson Teams trophy on 2nd September 2018. 

Full Watson results at Melville site.

Runners up were Derek Sanders, Alex Adamson, John Murdoch and Iain Sime, and with the top Silver pair in 3rd - Jane Stephenson, Rosemary McKinnel, Rose Simpson and Kathy Whaler, the Silver prize was awarded to Peter Cairns, Jim McLaughlin, Shirish Chotai and Les Verth. Bronze winners were Ian & Sue Campbell, David Nisbet and Ian Thomson.

Congratulations to Bob McPaul and Sandy Duncan, winners of the newly launched ED Swiss Pairs event for the Chalmers Cup on 1st September 2018. 

Full Chalmers results at Melville site.

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Harry Smith & Finlay Marshall won the Freddie Short Quaich (East District Senior Pairs) at the Carlton on Tuesday 27 March 2018.  

Runners up were Cathy Ferguson and Bob McKinnon.

Bronze 3/4: Norman Cooper, Kenny Hunter

Bronze 1/2: Sue & Ian Campbell

The annual match between the East District and the North East Bridge Association is a teams of eight match typically held in Berwick-upon-Tweed on the first Sunday in July.

The Newcastle Journal Challenger Trophy is played for by the A teams and the B teams play for the Edinburgh Salver. Players are invited to represent the district and the B team usually has representatives from the lower division league teams.

2018: The A team lost by 65-127 imps. The team was Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Brian Short, Fiona McQuaker, George Plant, Peter Moss, Fiona Lawson, and John Hamilton, while the B team lost by 81-122 imps. The team was Veronica Guy, Rona Moss, Elizabeth Peckham, Andrew Harborow, Moyra Forrest, Archie Docherty, Katharine Bailey, and David Hamilton.

The Atholl Plate 2018 has been won by the team of Patrick Home, Archie Bouverie, Finlay Marshall & Alistair White.

In the final they beat the team of Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, John Hamilton & Mike Smith.

Congratulations to Alan Goodman's team, who beat Harry Smith in the Atholl final by 99 to 66 over 36 boards.


Div. 1: 49ers (no photo)

Div 2: Colinton Castle

Div 3: Orion

Div 4: Renaissance

Div 5: Diamonds

MacLaren Cup

Renaissance who beat Waverley to win the MacLaren Cup.  Pictured are Denise King, Amanda Aberdour, David Hamilton, Marina Evans, Robert Waugh, Robyn Glynne Percy, Sarah Gunn and Katharine Bailey.

New Melville, Sunday 27 May 2018.

Hunter Cup 1st - Mike Ash, Miro Dragic, Ronan Valentine, Liam O'Brien

Hunter Cup 2nd - Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, George Plant, David Liggat

Hunter Cup Silver - Catriona Gardiner, Jim Wilkinson, Linda Delworth, Neil Macpherson

Hunter Cup Bronze - Athena Chow, David MacCallum, Tadeusz Janowski, Krzysztof Nguyen

Winners of the Hunter Cup on 26th May 2019 were Harry Smith, Roy Bennett, Bob McPaul and Paul Gipson. 


Runners up were John Di Mambro, Dougie Mitchell, Tam Penman and Mark Menzies.

Silver Prize Winners were Tadeusz Janowski, Krzysztof Nguyen, Andrew Muir and Geoff Bailey.

Congratulations to David Kaye and Irene Sime, winners of the Strathpeffer Congress Championship Pairs in 2018.

The Jacqueline Bruce Smith Vase for the Women's Teams held at the New Melville on 18th and 25th April 2018 was won by Helen Gipson, Fiona McQuaker, Liz McGowan, Olivia Bailey with Anne Symons and Helen Kane playing in the first week.

Liz McGowan, Fiona McQuaker, Anne Symons, Helen Kane, Olivia Bailey, Helen Gipson.  Spirit was a late sub and apparently played a storming match. 

Runners up were Fiona Greenwood, Sara Duncan, Athena Chow and Sheila Adamson, with Maggie Szymanska playing week 1.

The Charles Bowman Trophy for Men's Teams held at the New Melville on 18th and 25th April 2018 was won by Alan Goodman, Miro Dragic, Mike Ash, Paul Gipson and Brian Short in week 1.

Runners up were Iain Sime, Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin, Alex Adamson with John Murdoch in week 1.