Summary of District Competitions

DateStartEventVenueConvenorInformationWeb Page
28/12/2017New Melville BC CongressMelvilleAnne Perkins
29/12/2017New Melville BC CongressMelvilleAnne Perkins
20/01/201813:00National Pairs - East District FinalCarltonAnne Perkins
03/02/201813:00* Bronze Challenge PairsCarltonDenise KingDetailsWeb Page
17/02/201818:00Allan Flitch (married couples pairs)MelvilleJane CarnegieWeb Page
03/03/201813:00* ED Heat of National Bronze TeamsMelvilleDenise KingDetails
11/03/201813:00Cowan Cup District PairsCarltonAnne PerkinsWeb Page
27/03/201812:00* Senior Bronze PairsCarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
27/03/201812:00Senior Pairs (Freddie Short Quaich)CarltonFiona GreenwoodWeb Page
18/04/201819:00ED Men's Teams (1)MelvilleWeb Page
18/04/201819:00ED Women's Teams (1)MelvilleLiz McGowanWeb Page
25/04/201819:00ED Men's Teams (2)MelvilleWeb Page
25/04/201819:00ED Women's Teams (2)MelvilleLiz McGowanWeb Page
03/05/201819:30East District AGMCarlton
26/05/201813:00* Bronze Challenge TeamsMelvilleDenise KingWeb Page
27/05/201813:00Hunter CupMelvilleAnne PerkinsWeb Page
01/07/2018NEBA MatchBerwick on Tweed

(* denotes Bronze only event)

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