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Stuff aimed exclusively at Bronze players - don’t forget to check the other news for congresses and open competitions which you are also encouraged to enter.

Bronze Challenge Pairs

The Bronze Pairs event at the Carlton was a well attended event as always, 21 tables with abilities ranging from those starting out in classes to 3 Star masters. It was split into 3 sections. Liz McGowan prepared the hands and commentary for each of the sections, discussed the hands with entrants and kindly presented the prizes.

Bronze 1 winners

Michael Gray and Sandy Lyon won the B1 with 58.85%. Full results.

Bronze 1 runners up

Elizabeth Eckles and Kevin Palmer (who are in classes, well done!) were runners up.

Bronze 2 winners

David Nisbet and Ian Thomson won the B2 competition with 62.52% Full results.

Bronze 3 and 4 winners

This star master couple, David and Gill Simmons won the B3 & 4 with 62.43%. Full results.

Bronze 3 and 4 runners up

Alan Roberts and Andy Younger were runners up in B3/B4.

Upcoming Bronze Events

Here is a list of events … January to March 2018

The Winter Swiss Teams and Hutcheson's GS events are national competitions, so to enter those you need to enter via the main SBU website

What Else Is Out There?

The national SBU web site has a section dedicated to Bronze players. There may be bronze events run nationally or in other districts which you might be interested in.

MEMPAD Demystified

How to get at your points


The bronze prize was won by Anne Young, Norrie O’Neill, Tim Lambert and Robert Thornton (65) (with Fiona Greenwood presenting).


Another enjoyable summer of bridge. In a background of scandal, bad behaviour and downright cheating, an example on how the game should be played — with skill, consideration, and of course home baking. One team even called in their reserve to play for the opponents rather than make them forfeit. I have received several compliments on their behalf. Congratulations! We hope the summer has honed your bridge ready for the new season.

As for the results — Fife Aces won very closely followed by Grange in second and Hermitage Hibs in third. The winners are pictured from left to right — Gertrud Mallon, Nicola Dean, Sue Smith and Fiona McElhinney. Willie Davidson and Dave Dunn also played for the team but were not at the AGM.

Pos  Team                    P    W    L   AMPs   Pts
1    Fife Aces               4    3    1    25     9
2    Grange                  4    3    1    18     9
3    Hermitage Hibs          4    3    1     9     9
4    Hearty Hermits          4    1    3   -12     3
5    Whatsappateers          4    0    4   -38     0